you need a safety razor

You Need A Safety Razor

you need a safety razor

You Need A Safety Razor

You need a safety razor.

Notice, we are pretty certain in our statement there. Why do you need a safety razor?

Good question. And one we will answer in great detail and with many words. Many words, because search engines like lengthy answers, and if we want you to find this article we can’t be to pithy. Besides, it really does take some explanation. Onto the point.

You need a safety razor because.

  • Safety Razors Look Cool
  • In our opinion, safety razors perform better than cartridge razors.
  • Safety Razors are more cost effective than cartridge razors
  • A safety razor is your gateway to the wet shave.
  • A safety razor can become an heirloom item.

Safety Razors Look Cool

Safety razors just look cooler than cartridge razors. Doubt us? Look at the pictures below.

you need a safety razor

If you ranked them in order of coolness, where would the cartridge razor rank? If the cartridge razor ranked well on your “looks cools” list, well.. I guess we still want you to keep reading. You might have bad style, but we are sure you will appreciate our other reasons.

We Believe Safety Razors Perform Better

We believe safety razors perform better than cartridge razors.

Yes, we hedged our verbiage there.

Why don’t be definitely say “safety razors perform better than cartridge razors”? Well, we don’t have any scientific studies to back that claim. We have our opinions and the opinions of many other men like you. Of course we sell the stuff, so our opinion might seem bias. But we also use our product. And we believe once you use it, you will find the safety razor superior to the cartridge razor as well. Let us give a couple of reasons why

How Many Blades Do You Need Anyways?

Wet shaving club cartoon shaving

Pop quiz! How many blades does it take to cut a strand of hair?

Answer: One!

So, why then do cartridge razors have 2, 3, 4, 5, or even 6 blades (We think we have heard of a 7 blader also?).


Let us answer that question with another question.

Before cartridge razors were invented, did every man have a beard?

Answer: No!

They used a knife, straight razor, and eventually safety razor.

So why do cartridges razors have more?

The cartridge razor uses the first blade to lift (and cut) hairs, the second to cut them down, the third to clean up after the first two, and so on.

Does it work? Yes.

Is it good for your face? No. The reason why a cartridge razor needs multiple blades is because it has an angle problem. The set angle of a cartridge razor blade does not align with your face. Even if the head moves,  the flatness of the head design and the angle of the blades does not work well if there is only one blade. Thus, the multiple blades are added. This solves the cutting problem, but it does not solve the face irritation problem.

So how many blades do you need? If your blade is used at the correct angle, you only need one blade.

How Does A Safety Razor Work?

 A double edged safety razor is more effective because it allows us to use that one (really sharp) blade at the angle necessary to cut that hair right the first time. See the diagram below. Credit for their great wet shave content. That is where we got this picture. 

How-To-Properly-Shave-With-A-Safety-Razor.png - angles

Are You Convinced Already?

Click The Box Below And Get A Great Deal On Some Safety Razor Packages! No convinced yet? Carry on! Keep reading.

Safety Razors Are More Sanitary

crusty razor

As the saying goes. A picture tells a thousand words. The picture above depicts the issue with the multi-bladed cartridge razors perfectly. They are very hard to keep clean.
If you shave, then I do not need to elaborate further. You have seen it. You have tried to deal with it. 

A safety razor is different. You have one blade, that blade has plenty of spacing allowing the clean-out to be almost effortless. If you are wet shaving, then you just swirl it around in the sink water and your done!
By the way, what does a sanitary razor mean? It means less skin irritation! See above.

Our Conclusion?

You Need A Safety Razor!

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