you dont need a shave subscription

You Don’t Want A Shave Subscription

you dont need a shave subscription

Why You Don't Want A Shave Subscription Service

You don’t want a shave subscription.  You don’t need a shave subscription.
We believe that you don’t want a shave subscription, because we believe you don’t need a shave subscription. Unless we have it wrong, we believe you just want a quality shave at a great price.  Guess what, The Wet Shaving Club offers that, without a subscription, and without monthly fees. We will get to that later. First, back to Why You Don’t Want A Shave Subscription. 
Let Us Ask A Few Questions
1. Which is cheaper. Shipping one time? Or shipping 4, 6, or 12 times a year?
2. Who wins in the subscription game?
3. Why are you subscribing to begin with?
We discuss these questions and more below. 

You Don't Want A Shave Subscription Because Shipping Costs Money

subscription shave services cost money - the wet shaving club
We offer free shipping. So do many of the Shave Subscription Companies. 
Do you believe the shipping is free? Of course you don’t. All of us are “For Profit” entities, therefore when we offer free shipping, we make sure that the products we offer are marked up enough to leave some profit for us after we ship your product. 
That should not be a surprise. But here is the difference between The Wet Shaving Club™ and other shave clubs or shave subscription services. 
You Get One Year Of Shaving From Us All In One Shipment!
That means you only pay for shipping one time.  If you buy one of our One Year Safety Razor Packages  It costs us as much as $5.00 to ship it to you via first class mail.  Our presumption is that it is not too much cheaper for our competitors to ship their products to you.
Which might be one reason why we are able to give you One Year of shaving for approximately half the price of what companies like “The Shave For $1 Place” are charging.
CLICK HERE for more on that. 
They are passing on that shipping expense to you like we are, but they have to do so multiple times a year; depending on how many times you get your shipments.   In fact, when “The Shave For $1 Place” first started offering their $1 Shave Package, they charged $2 in shipping to get it to you.  Now they charge $4 for a similar deal, with “free shipping.”
So why are most razor companies selling us on the subscription model? We have a theory. Read it below. 

Who Wins The Subscription Box Game?

subscription shave clubs cost money - the wet shaving club
So we established that it costs more money to ship multiple times than it costs to ship one time. So why do subscription boxes exist?
Reoccurring Revenue + Up-sell Opportunities = More Profit
Hey, we are not knocking this strategy, or the logic behind it. We are simply explaining why we believe the other shave clubs like the subscriptions vs the one time shipment. 
In the long run, it is a better business model than what we at The Wet Shaving Club™ have. Why?
1. You will probably buy more than you need. 
2. You will probably buy something else since you have that box coming anyway.
3. The lifetime value of a customer is very important to a retailer. 
Let me elaborate on that last point a little further. If you buy our $24 One Year Wet Shave Package, you will have spent $24 with us. You get to shave for one year for that $24. 
One Year Supply? CLICK HERE
There is no reason for you to come back to us. Sure, you might buy some of our wet shave accessories, but in general, we bill you once, and a year later you might buy some razor blades from us. But you don’t have to, because our blades are not proprietary. You can buy safety razor blades anywhere. 
Let us compare that to all the other Shave Clubs out there. 
You are locked in. You have their razor handle, and that handle requires their proprietary blades. 
Yep, you not only get charged at certain intervals, but you have to buy the cartridge refills from them. Why do you think the cartridge razor was invented in the first place? 
Then, they have the opportunity to send you deals on other products monthly both via email and via their mailed goods. Again, brilliant on their part. 
But do you really need that subscription? Do you want to pay more and pay more frequently?

Why Did You Sign Up For A Shave Subscription To Begin With?

you dont need a shave subscription - the wet shaving club
Question for you. Why did you sign up for that subscription shave service to begin with?
Is it because you wanted to save money? 
If so, we understand.  Many of the Shave Clubs out there have good deals.
Especially if you are OK with shaving with a cartridge razor. 
However, we think you should switch to The Wet Shaving Club™. For two main reasons.
First, in our opinion, shaving with a safety razor is superior to shaving with a cartridge razor. 
Here is more on that. CLICK HERE
Second, you One Year Wet Shave Packages Are A Better Deal!
See This Article As An Example.
The Wet Shaving Club™ vs. “The Shave For $1 Place” CLICK HERE
Or did you join a shave subscription club because you were to lazy to go to the store?
First, you are pretty lazy.
Second, we won’t judge you for being lazy. We will incentivize your laziness. 
Why is The Wet Shaving Club™ Better for lazy people?
1. You only have to go to to mail box one time for our package.
2. You only have to unwrap one package from The Wet Shaving Club
3. You don’t have to log on to pause a subscription.
Need we say more?

Check Out Our Half Price Shave Club

Our claims of the safety razor being a superior shave to the cartridge razor is based on our own opinions. As stated above, these opinions are biased, as we sell safety razors and not cartridge razors. 

.The article above was meant to compare and contrast our offerings to our competitors offerings. Everything written above is the opinion of The Wet Shaving Club™.


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