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6 Reasons Why You Should Shave Your Beard

why you should shave your beard

Deciding whether or not to shave your beard is an incredibly difficult question. If it was easy, you wouldn’t have turned to the internet for advice. Well, fear not my troubled friend because we at Wet Shaving Club are here to help. Here are six arguments for why you should dust off your old razor (Or buy one from our shave club) and lay that beard to rest.

1. You Don’t Like It Anymore

We begin our facial-hair dreams with excitement and joy. When your beard finally comes to fruition after months of growth it is similar to how a mother feels when they first hold their new baby (probably). After a certain age, though, parents can start to have mixed feelings toward their children. While a mother is stuck to her child until he or she finally moves out, the second you look at your beard and say, “I just don’t love you anymore,” you can cut it off completely.

2. You Miss Your Face

With a lot of facial hair, you can begin to feel like a grown man, which for the most part is nice, but sometimes in life, we just gotta reconnect with our younger selves. I’ve found that a good shave here and then reminds me of how young I really am. I had a mustache I was very happy with for a few months, but I saw a picture of me before I had grown it out and missed how my face looked. I saw my long-forgotten upper lip and thought I looked like a younger man. For some reason that appealed to me, so I shaved. If you have a big beautiful beard, and you do miss that more youthful version of your face, you can get back to it with just a few flicks of a safety razor.

3. You Have Given It Time, And It Still Doesn’t Look Good

shave your beard

There’s a problem for new beard owners where you don’t really know if your beard will look any good once it’s grown out, so you shave it before it can grow to a good length. The advice for that is typically, “Give it a few months.” Unfortunately, if it’s been over 3 months and you’re still not happy with it, a beard might not be for you. Some people just aren’t happy with their beard’s thickness. There’s plenty of supplements you can take to encourage hair growth, but they aren’t always enough for everyone. If it’s been a few months and you still feel embarrassment or dissatisfaction with your facial hair, shave your beard and try something else out. The whole point of taking care of your facial hair is to be happier with yourself.

4. You Need A Career Change

I have a friend with the biggest most bountiful beard I have ever seen. He worked at a brewery while going through college to be an accountant. After he graduated, it was time for him to find a job that would support his family and utilize his $60,000 degree. It was a sight of horror to see a clean-shaven business professional at the brewery and slowly realize it was our friend. Everyone said, “Do not shave your beard, it’s beautiful,” but he knew his chances would be better for finding a new accounting job if he was more cleaned up. Since then he’s found a stable job and has grown his beard back.

Sometimes life will expect things from you that you aren’t excited about. You can’t always control the way life is gonna go, but you do have the power to handle yourself. Sometimes life might expect you to make a change to your facial hair as well. If you’re in need of a big career change, but your facial hair will be a bad fit for your ideal position, it may be time to shave your beard. (You can always grow it back once you’ve got the job).  See our article “Should You Shave Before A Job Interview” to learn more.

5. You Can’t Maintain It Anymore

The only thing worse than no beard is a messy beard. If your morning/evening routines have gotten a bit too hectic because of a major life change, it can result in more frequently leaving the house with a messy unkempt bird’s nest attached to your face. Whether it’s grown too large, life’s grown too chaotic, or some combination of the two it may be time to shave your beard or at least trim it down to a manageable length.


6. You Just Need A Change

Establishing a good routine in life that works can be a real deterrent for the stress and anxiety that come with chaos and uncertainty, but it also makes things a bit boring. It’s one of the sad choices of adult life: Safe and boring or risky and fun. Eventually, most people get to the point in life where we undergo an incredible amount of stress and subsequently decide it’s time to settle. There’s no shame in settling, but there is a fair amount of repetition and boredom in it.

When that day-in-day-out begins to weigh on you, you can always find new experiences and growth in trying to change yourself. Learn a new language; learn a new skill; find a new job; Hell, maybe just trade-in your car and get a new one just to shake things up. One option that is totally reasonable is just to change up your look. Get some new clothes, get a haircut you’ve never had before, and maybe shave your beard. It’s a low-consequence choice that will help things feel new and fresh again.


No matter the reason, sometimes you just have to shave your beard. Because you’re on the internet searching for reasons to do it, you might really want to but are nervous about it. That’s fine, but just ask yourself, “Why are you here?” If you’re trying to build up reasons in your head to make a case for it, there’s a pretty high chance it’s what you want. So the ultimate reason for why you should shave your beard is that you just clicked on an article titled, “Why you should shave your beard.” Just do it, King. Give yourself what you want.

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