Which Safety Razor Should I Buy? - A Detailed List
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which safety razor should I buy

Which Safety Razor Should I Buy

Which Safety Razor Should I Buy?

Which safety razor should I buy?

For those that are new to the wet shave game, that has to be one of the first questions you ask your self. The safety razor world has a weird paradox that is almost completely different than what you see in the cartridge razor world. Currently there are far fewer men that shave with a safety razor than that shave with a cartridge razor. The safety razor market is a small fraction of the cartridge razor market. Yet there are hundreds of options for different kinds of safety razors, and far fewer options for types and styles of cartridge razors. 

Therefore someone coming into the wet shaving world might be overwhelmed by the amount of choices they have when setting out to buy their first safety razor. 

What Is The Point Of This Page?

This page has loads of information on razors The Wet Shaving Club sells and razors we don’t.  

Why would we advertise razors we don’t sell? Click The “Why?” link below.  Follow the other links below for more information as well. 

Razors We Sell At The Wet Shaving Club

The Retro Safety Razor

$24 For A Year Of Shaving

With The Wet Shaving Club Vintage Razor Deal, you will get this premium safety razor and a year supply of safety razor blades for only $24!

The 'Merica Razor

safety razor made in the usa

Only $89.99

Made in the USA with 100% marine grade 316 stainless steel. It is made with care and precision by a small family owned machine shop in Pennsylvania.

The Super Safe Safety Razor

safety razor for women

Best Price Online! $39.99

Beautiful, functional, and elegant, this 100% stainless steel razor is perfect for someone who is looking for a smooth shave without the skin irritation.

Razors Our Competitors Sell

Merkur 23c

merkur 23c safety razor

We have seen for $29

Ther Merkur 23C also known as the Merkur 180 features an extra long handle with a knurled grip. Below is a list of places where you can buy it.

Expert Review

Viking Blade - Chieftan

viking blade chieftan safety razor

We have seen for $29

Medium aggression, a perfect all-rounder regardless of your experience level. Check out our list of places where you can buy this razor.

Wet Shaver Review


wieshi razor

We Have Seen For $17

WEISHI Long Handle Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor Is A Cheaper alternative Usually Found On Amazon. Not A bad deal for a beginer.

Expert Review

Parker 96R

parker 96r safety razor

We Have Seen For $28

The Parker 96R has a solid brass frame, butterfly open mechanisim, and a smooth shaving head design. Check out our list of places where you can buy this razor.

Wet Shaver Review

Parker 99R

parker 99r safety razor

We Have Seen For $30

The Parker 99r has a solid brass frame, butterfly open mechanism, and a smooth shaving head design. Check out our list of places where you can buy this razor.​

Expert Review

Feather AS-D2

feather as-d2 safety razor

We Have Seen For $162

The Feather ASD-2 is a stainless steel double edge safety razor. This three-piece razor has a beautiful satin finish. Check out our list of places where you can buy this razor.

Wet Shaver Review

Merkur Futur

merkur futur safety razor

We Have Seen For $72

Merkur adjustable double edge safety razors offer the ability to control the blade gap, allowing you to fine-tune the closeness of the shave.

Expert Review

Merkur 39C

merkur 39c saftey razor

We Have Seen for $50

The two-piece Merkur 39c is a more aggressive slant bar giving the razor a feeling like a straight-razor. Below is a list of places where you can buy it.

Wet Shaver Review

Edwin Jagger DE89

Edwin jagger safety razor

We Have Seen For $29

The Edwin Jagger DE89 is a solid safety razor. The head and body are both chrome plated. It is said to have a perfect handle to head balance.

Expert Review

The Wet Shaving Club Is Here To Help.

We are going to do something that you won’t find many other retailers do. 

Above is a list of some of the most popular safety razors on the market. Here is the catch. We don’t carry or sell most of them! Why would we advertising something we do not sell?

Because we believe more people should start using a safety razor. Yes, we want to sell stuff and make money. But two of the principals that we are operating this business on drove our decision to list razors we don’t sell and competitors we are trying to gain sales from.

1. A rising tide lifts all boats. Therefore the more people that start wet shaving, the more likely our business will grow over time.

2. If we are going to carry something, we are going to have the best price. We offer free shipping on everything, and we constantly monitor our prices vs our competitors and vs the Amazons of the world to ensure our pricing is the best.

Where Else Can You Buy Besides The Wet Shaving Club?

There are many places to buy wet shaving products. Obviously, we prefer you buy from us at The Wet Shaving Club. However, in the end, we would rather you buy from one of our competitors than a cartridge razor company. 

Below is a list of some of our competitors. If we don’t carry what you want. Check them out!

You can find all of the safety razors listed above at those websites.

Safety Razor Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where can I learn about wet shaving?

If you are new to wet shaving you probably have lots of questions. We can answer some of them, but not all. So below is a list of great wet shaving resources for you. 

Is a safety razor better than a cartridge razor?

In short, we have no doubt you will enjoy a wet shave with a safety razor infinitely more than your shave with a cartridge razor. 

However, we have many more details for you here.  CLICK HERE

Why is a safety razor called a safety razor?

he first step towards a safer-to-use razor was the guard razor – also called a straight safety razor – which added a protective guard to a regular straight razor. The invention was inspired by the joiner’s plane and was essentially a straight razor with its blade surrounded by a wooden sleeve



https://en.m.wikipedia.org › wiki › Safety_razor

What is the best safety razor for a beginner.

There are plenty of great choices when it comes to your first safety razor.  That being said, we recommend you start with our One Year Safety Razor Package.  You get a premium razor handle and a one year supply of blades!

How often do you have to change your safety razor blades?

The number of times you have to change your blade varies by the coarseness of your stubble and the number of times you shave per week. Check out our comprehensive article right here. CLICK HERE

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