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Where Is Your Shave Product Made?

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Why Do We Publish This Information?

Below is a listing of all of our products and where they are made. Why do we publish this information? We want consumers to know where the products they buy come from. Therefore we publish this information on our products and our competitors products.

That is why we came up with the Human Liberty Index. 



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Where Are Our Safety Razors Made?

Safety Razor Made In The USA

Made In The USA

Obviously, our Made In The USA Razor Is Made In The USA!

Safety Razor Made In Germany

Merkur 34c

The Merkur 34C safety razor is made in German

Retro Razor - Made In China

Retro Safety Razor

Our Retro Safety Razor is made in China.

Where Are Our Shave Soaps Made?

Shave Soap Made In The USA - Taconic Green

Taconic Shave Soap

Taconic Shave Soap is Made In The USA

Col Conk Shave Soap Made In The USA

Col Conk Shave Soap

Col Conk Shave Soap is Made In The UsA

Arko Shave Soap - Made In Turkey

Arko Shave Soap

Arko Shave Soap is made in Turkey

Where Are Our Shave Accessories Made?

Omega Shave Brush - Made In Italy

Omega Shave Brush

Our Omega Shave Brush Is Made In Italy

After Shave - Made In The USA


Our Aftershave is Made In The USA

Shave Oil - Made In The USA

Shave Oil

Our Shave Oil is Made In The USA

bearded man shave deal beard oil

Beard Oil

Our Beard Oil is made in China

Parker Safety Razor Blades - Made In Turkey

Parker Blades

Parker Safety Razor Blade are made in Turkey

Dorco Safety Razor Blades - Made In Korea

Dorco Blades

Dorco Blades are made in South Korea

Personna Platinum Blue Safety Razor Blades - Israel

Personna Blades

Personna Safety razor blades are made in Israel

Cologne Wipes

Our Cologne Wipes are Made In The USA

Shave Bowl - Made In China

Shave Bowl

Our Shave Bowl Is made in China.

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What Does This Mean - HLI

What Is The Human Liberty Index?

The Human Liberty Index (HLI) allows you to see what is likely the most impacting pricing variable for shaving products, the freedom of the workers assembling these products.  Globalization has normalized the costs of raw materials and the technology required to build shaving products and many other products like them.  In almost all cases cheaper products are made in locations with cheaper labor.  

Often the quality is just as good, the unseen cost is most often the liberty of the workers that made the razor you hold each morning.

Our goal is not to judge, or to persuade you on how you should view the Human Liberty Index. Our goal is to inform the consumer, and let the consumer make the decision based on their own moral standards. 

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