what happened to the wet shave club at www.wetshaveclub.com

What Happened To The Wet Shave Club?

what happened to the wet shave club at www.wetshaveclub.com

Why Do We Care What Happened To The Wet Shave Club?

DISCLAIMER: This article, “What Happened To The Wet Shave Club”, is based on investigative research we did through online searches and through reading various articles. The conclusions drawn are based on our opinions. We do not state them as fact, because we have no inside information as to why www.wetshaveclub.com met its demise. 

We know what you are thinking. Why is wetshavingclub.com writing an article asking what happened to The Old Wet Shave Club?

We have a policy here at The Wet Shaving Club™. There are two reasons why we are writing this article. 

Our first reason? We were looking for a shave club that sold safety razors but that also competed with The Dollar Shave Club™ and Harry’s Razors™ in price. We found no such club, hence we founded The Wet Shaving Club™. However, during that search we saw many reviews for The Wet Shave Club, but found that it was no longer in business. 

Therefore, before we went into the shave club business, we figured we should find out what happened to the one that failed.  We found that story to be interesting, subsequently, we are writing this article.  More on why we believe it failed below. 

Before we get into the details, however, we owe you a second reason for why we wrote this article. Simply put, we want to sell our product. In fact, we want to sell a lot of our product. And we believe that there are many people who might wonder what happened to The Wet Shave Club. We hope those people stumble upon this article in their search results, read it, and then buy our product instead. So you see, this article satisfied both our curiosity and our opportunism. 

So What Did We Find?

Maybe we are biased? But at first thought, we could not understand why or how The Wet Shave Club concept failed. Admittedly, we were happy that it did, because it opened up the window of opportunity for us to create The Wet Shaving Club™. However, it also served as a warning sign for us. Maybe our concept was not going to work? Maybe we should move onto something else? 

However, as we continued with our research, it became apparent that not only was The Wet Shave Club’s model much different than ours, but it almost seemed doomed from the jump. 

In our opinion, The Wet Shave Club met its demise because of the following reasons:


– A monthly wet shave box is hard to sustain

– The price was too high

– It was not a project of passion, but of convenience


As we stated in our disclaimer above, we do not state these reasons as fact, but as our own conclusions drawn from third hand observations during our research. 

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Do You Really Need A Monthly Shipment Of Samples?

what happened to the wet shave club - gearmoose review

Monthly Pile-up?

This picture is from a Gearmoose.com review of The Wet Shave Club

As we set out to create The Wet Shaving Club we went back and forth on how we should handle monthly shipments and what we should include in those shipments. In the end, we decided that monthly shipments were unnecessary and more importantly, we did not think they could work. 


 A regular sized shave soap will likely last you between 60 and 90 days. So if we shipped you that monthly, then the product would stack up. Probably that is why the old Wet Shave Club sent sample sized product in their boxes. But who wants to pay $20-$30 a month for samples?

Another tactic could be to change out what you receive monthly. This way you would at least have different product stacking up. But then what if you like last month’s offering, and not this month’s offering? 

In the end we believe, that while monthly subscription boxes are certainly advantageous to the business, they may not be very useful in the wet shaving world. 

In our opinion, this is one reason that The old Wet Shave Club did not make it. 

Our reasoning on this matter also led us to go away from the monthly box and to offer annual packages at low prices. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS


We Believe The Wet Shave Club Was Overpriced


The Wet Shave Club charged $29.99 for their subscription box.

From what we can tell in multiple reviews that we read, the consensus was that the first box, which contained the razor itself, was worth the $29.99. But after that, the contents became sparse and consequently the value of the box diminished in month two. 

This speaks to what we touched on in the above section “Do You Really Need A Monthly Shipment of Samples?”. 

In our opinion, making a box worth $29.99 a month and keeping the product for stacking up is a fruitless endeavor in the world of wet shaving. 

Let’s be transparent for a minute. We ship product. We know how much it costs to ship a box. The cost for The Wet Shave Club to get that box to you — including the cost of the box, packing materials and shipping — was likely close to 30% of the price of the monthly fee. 

That is why we do not ship our packages in a fancy box. 

Oh by the way, we charge as little as $24.99 for a full year supply of razor blades and a premium safety razor. 

In Our Opinion, The Wet Shave Club Was Not A Project Of Passion

what happened to the wet shave club - is the wet shave club closed?

We don’t plan on publishing this article with the guy who was behind The Wet Shave Club. Mainly because that is not really important. But as we have stated above. We spent a lot of time researching their business model, and the people behind it. 

Our conclusion? The business was run by good marketers, but by folks that did not know anything about the wet shave process or the experience. In fact, the gentlemen admitted in one of his articles that he has never wet shaved before. 

Now, don’t get us wrong, we do not believe that you have to be a wet shave enthusiast to sell wet shave products. We do believe however, that you have to understand what the process is, and how long the products last. Especially if you are going to try and ship them monthly. 



Our Conclusion? We Do It Better

We are sure you are shocked to find out that the point of this article is that our “mousetrap” is better than the last guy’s.  Shocked as you may be, its true. Let us explain

The Wet Shaving Club Benefits

  – You get a 1 year supply of blades and a premium safety razor for one low price.

  – That safety razor and the 1 year supply of blades ships free!

  – One shipment. One Low Price. One year of shaving. 


Now, I am sure someone out there is saying “But you don’t include any shave soap or any of the other accouterments needed in order to undertake the full wet shave experience. 

This is true. For two reasons.

We wanted to avoid charging monthly fees. 

We thought it was impractical to send a full year of shave soap. Who wants to store that? Also what if you want to change it up?

So what was our solution?

Wet Shave Club.  It is a program offered by The Wet Shaving Club. 

Confused? Don’t be.  The Wet Shaving Club offers great safety razor packages. 

Our Wet Shave Club offers great deals from brands around the world on shave soaps, shave oils, aftershaves, etc. 

It is a free membership where we will offer you stellar deals on a monthly basis. You can choose to take part in them, or not. Click the picture below for details.


We Now Have Our Own Wet Shave Club


Wet Shave Club™

No monthly fees. Just great deals

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