Why is it called a safety razor

What Do I Need To Wet Shave?

Why is it called a safety razor ,

Question: What Do I Need To Wet Shave?

What do I need to wet shave, you ask? 

First, let us welcome you to the world of the wet shave. If you are like us, once your day gets going, it is non stop, busy, and sometimes hectic. Enter the Wet Shave. 

Starting my day off with a relaxing wet shave is both relaxing and refreshing. When I am done, I feel ready to “jump into the fray” of everyday life.

We are glad you are taking the first step towards starting your day off with this type of cathartic wet shave experience. Below you will find a comprehensive list of all the tools you need to get started with your wet shave. 

You Need A Safety Razor

Retro safety razor - front laying view - Made In China

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The safety razor is a key component to the perfect wet shave experience. If you have never shaved with a safety razor before, you might hesitate when you find out that it only has one blade! Fret not, the safety razor is not like the one bladed plastic razor that we have all (unfortunately) used before. In our opinion, the one blade on a safety razor gives you a superior shave to the 5,6, or even 7 bladed cartridge razors out there. 

CLICK HERE to see a comparison between the safety razor and a cartridge razor.

Safety razors come in numerous shapes, sizes, materials, and even colors. Luckily we have a great selection for you at The Wet Shaving Club. 

That being said, we recommend you start out with our 1 Year Safety Razor Packages. For as low as $18 you will get a premium safety razor and a one year supply of safety razor blades. It all comes in one package and shipping is free. 

That Equates To An Average Of $1.50 Per Month! Which by the way is cheaper than “That Shave For $1 Place”. CLICK HERE for more on that. 

Click on the button below to learn more about these packages. 

You Need Safety Razor Blades

how often do i change safety razor blade. The Wet Shaving Club answers your question.

So that blade looks scary right? Looks similar to the ones you put in a box cutter? Maybe, but that single blade coupled with the right safety razor is just what you need to leave those six blade cartridge razors behind. 

Using a safety razor and a good blade will not only give you what we believe to be a superior shave, but you will also get a cheaper shave. CLICK HERE  to find out more.


You Need A Shave Brush

Omega Shave Brush - Made In Italy

Ahhh… the shave brush.  

Without it, you are not really wet shaving. 

Warm Water + Shave Soap + Shave Brush = Warm Thick Lather = Bliss

There are many options out there. Check out ours. If you don’t like our selection, let us know. We can always add more!

You Need Shave Soap & A Shave Bowl

As you can see above, the shave soap and shave bowl help get that lather whipped up to the right consistency. 

Be sure to find a great shave soap. I well blended and quality shave soap will take your wet shave to the next level. The type of bowl is less important, but a bowl of some sort is certainly necessary. 

Sensitive Skin? You Need Shave Oil Too

Shave Oil - Made In The USA

If you have sensitive skin and/or you have a problem with razor bumps after shaving, then shave oil is for you.  

Put a few drops in your palm, spread it around the shave area, and then continue on with your shave soap lather. You won’t believe how smoothly your safety razor will glide along your face. 

I was a shave oil skeptic. Then I used it. Now I use it every time. 

Finish Your Wet Shave With Aftershave

After Shave - Made In The USA

Once you are done shaving, you rinse your face with warm water, pat it dry, and then throw on a liberal amount of after shave. 

A good aftershave will burn a little but cool a lot. It is the proverbial cherry on top of the wet shave experience. 

Our after shave doubles as a body splash, because the scent lasts for hours. Check it out!

And Now Your Done!

retro illustration man thumb up

One Year Safety Razor Deals

Wet Shave Starter Kits

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