Razor Bumps And Razor Burn? What Causes It? The Wet Shaving Club
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What Causes Razor Bumps And Razor Burn?

what causes razor bumps and razor burn

Shaving For A Big Day

What causes razor bumps and razor burn? Let us tell you a story.

Larry is at home with a scraggly beard that’s been growing for ages and a t-shirt stained with last night’s $3 taco meal.

He’s got an important meeting today, and he knows he needs to look his best. So, he begins getting ready. After his shower, he starts to cut his chin curtain. His tool? The dreaded multi-bladed cartridge razor that he buys for $4 per month, even though he thought he was getting a razor for $1 per month. He made it through the shave without cutting his face and moved on to the rest of his routine. After styling up his hair, putting on his best suit, and making sure he has everything he needs, Larry heads to the meeting.

When he arrives, everyone is impressed by his appearance, and he feels an empowering respect from his peers. He runs the meeting well; so well that his boss has requested he overtake tomorrow’s meeting. Satisfied with the day, he is eager to head home and prepare for tomorrow’s event.

As Larry is driving home, he notices that his neck starts itching a bit. It’s not pleasant, but it’s not unbearable. He eventually forgets the minor inconvenience. Later that night, he’s looking in the mirror, and he sees a few bumps on his neck and face. Aware that he’s outgrown the pimples brought on by puberty years ago, Larry eyes that wretched cartridge razor and yearns to grow that beard back.

The Multi-Bladed Paradox

More Blades = Better?

more blades equals better?

If you found this short story relatable or found yourself in fear of a similar occurrence happening to you, I can tell you how to avoid coming face-to-face with this problem. You see, Larry made the mistake that many of us do; he bought into the “Big Razor” marketing campaigns.

Years of marketing had Larry believing, like many people, that the more blades on his razor, the better. You know, like a scalpel. Obviously, he was sorely mistaken, and it took a toll on both his appearance and his every-day life. By using a multi-bladed razor, Larry subjected himself to the effects of razor bumps and razor burn. What causes the pains of razor bumps, razor burn, and other things?

Although multi-bladed razors are not always the cause of skin irritation after shaving, they are probably one of – if not the – most common causes. While shaving, a multi-bladed razor can be irritating to the skin due to many razors dragging across the face or neck at the same time. In addition, multi-bladed razors could potentially get caught on some hairs, which leads to them pulling the hairs out of your face, disconnecting them from the root rather than masking them with a clean cut.

As a result, you could find yourself with a few ingrown hairs. And believe me, just one ingrown hair is enough to ruin your day. Skin irritation can also be caused from multi-bladed cartridge razors, because why wouldn’t five blades running across your face irritate your skin more than one? Seems like an intuitive concept.

Keep Your Razor Clean

Additionally, Larry made the mistake of using a dirty razor. This is easy to do with a cartridge razor. They are hard to clean and often have lingering debris from your prior shaves. A dirty razor is yet another major factor for what causes razor burn and razor bumps. When shaving with a dirty razor, you could be planting bacteria into your skin as the blade(s) glide across your face. Make sure to keep your razor clean and switch it out regularly.

Closing Thoughts

Additional causes of razor bumps and razor burn include’ shaving before properly cleaning your face, shaving the wrong direction, and shaving with a dull razor.  We have found that wet shaving with a safety razor is the best way to avoid many of the problems listed above, while simultaneously giving you the smooth shave you desire. Two articles that will help you in the process of shaving safely and properly are “What Do I Need To Wet Shave?” and “How To Shave With A Safety Razor.” Ultimately, we recommend you try our shave club and our razor bump prevention package.


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