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Heritage Barber & Style Shop Montgomery Wet Shave Barber – Montgomery, Alabama

Heritage Barber & Style Shop Montgomery Wet Shave Barber – Montgomery, Alabama
1334 Carter Hill Rd
Montgomery, Alabama 36106
Phone: +1-334-356-8490
URL: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Heritage-Barber-Style-Shop/124434160938132

Heritage Barber & Style Shop Montgomery Wet Shave Barber in Montgomery, Alabama. The Wet Shave Club helps you find a wet shave barber near you. Traditional Wet Shave Barbers will use a straight razor or a safety razor. Depending on the barber they may call your shave a wet shave, a hot towel shave, a straight razor shave, or a cut-throat shave. Regardless of what your barber calls it, you know you have found a quality wet shave barber when they break out the hot towels, and when they start whipping up a great lather with their shave soap and shave brush.  So to find a wet shave barber near you, just check out our Wet Shave Barber Locator. If you want to take your wet shave experience home, check out The Wet Shaving Club’s collection of safety razors, shave soaps, shave brushes, and other wet shaving accessories.


What Should You Expect From A Wet Shave Barber?

What happens after you find  a Wet Shave Barber Near You? Once you get there, what should you expect? Here are the steps your Wet Shave Barber should take during the process. 

The Hot Towel & Pre Shave Cream

They should start off with pre-shave cream by massaging it onto your face (which contains menthol ingredients to help open the skin pours).

Then a hot towel is placed on the face for 5-10 minutes. The steam and the heat from the hot towel help remove dirt while also softening the facial hairs. Additionally, this relaxes your facial muscles, making the wet shave a much smoother one. 

Facial Exfoliation Process

After the hot towel and pre-shave cream is removed your wet shave barber should apply a facial scrub. This step is to ensure the skin is fully prepared and ready for your wet shave. The scrub removes any dead skin, excess oil and helps to free up any trapped hair.

Lather Up!

Now that your skin is ready for your shave the barber will lather your face with a high quality badger hair brush and shaving soap or shaving cream. This process softens the hair and  puts the hair an upright position so the razor can glide easily across the skin and prevent irritation.

The Shave

A fresh blade is placed into the wet shave barber’s razor. Usually a straight razor, but sometimes a safety razor.

After the first shave (when all of the hair is removed), the face is wiped down and another hot towel is place on the face to open up the pours again and to prepare your face for the second shave.

The second shave is much quicker and smoother. It is the equivalent of “waxing” the car after you have washed it. 

Post Shave Cream & Cold Towel

Now your face is smooth and feeling great. But it will feel better!

A post shaving cream is applied to the face to help clean the face from any dirt that has come in to contact with the face during the shaving process. A cold towel is then applied to the face for up to 5 minutes to close the pours. This helps reduce the likelihood that bacteria will get into your pores and cause spots, rashes or skin irritation.

Splash Of Aftershave

No pain, no gain. Right?

A splash of quality aftershave doesn’t sting too bad, but it stings a little. This is because all of the steps that were taken leading up to the after shave step should have been done correctly. If they were, you will just feel a slight (and in our opinion, invigorating) sting.

And now when you walk out of your wet shave barber, you will smell like a MAN!

So use our locator at the top of the page to find a wet shave barber near you!

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