Volunteer - Wet Shaving Club


Thank you for volunteering to be one of our Shave Gurus!

So what are we trying to accomplish?

  • Our goal is to help current cartridge razor customers feel comfortable enough to make the switch to a safety razor.
    • We have compiled some of the most common questions that we have received from customers, and now we would like to answer them two ways:
      • Video. We believe short informational videos are extremely effective.
        • Instead of having the same talking head answer all the questions, we thought it would be cool to have other experienced wet shavers (you) answer the questions for them.
      • Articles – some folks prefer reading to videos. So we will provide both. In the survey below, let us know if you would be interested in writing articles related to the questions we have listed.
  • Back scratching
    • This is one of those “you scratch our back and we will scratch your back” opportunities.
      • Our back.
        • The videos and articles you guys generate will help us answer those common questions. But they will also help us get fresh content in front of current and potential customers.
        • We will ask you to post your video or your article on your social channels tagging us. Which is good publicity for The Wet Shaving Club
      • Your back.
        • If we select your content we will use it on our website, in email blasts, and in social posts. We will tag you and/or credit your social channels when we do. So publicity for you as well : )
        • SWAG. Some will get free product to help with the topic they are selected to cover. All will get a credit on our store to use towards getting free product.
  • Community
    • We are relatively new to wet shaving. We stumbled upon the safety razor about three years ago as a promotion for another business. We were so impressed with it that we decided to start The Wet Shaving club.
    • One of the interesting things we found as we have been building this business is that there is a thriving Wet Shave Community. We want to highlight that and we also want to tap into it.

Please use the link below to fill out our survey on how you would like to participate.

We will compile the survey results and then get back to everyone next week on what we would like you to do. In the meantime, if you have any further questions, feel free to reply to this email with them.

Also, is “Shave Guru” the right name? Do you have a better one? If so, let me know.

Thank you for volunteering. This is going to be fun!


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