The Wet Shave Club™ Is Part Of The Wet Shaving Club 

Confused? Don’t Be. There is a difference.


What is that difference? 


The Wet Shaving Club™ is full of great deals on safety razor packages and accessories.
The Wet Shave Club™ is helping spread the joy of the wet shave to those who have not experienced it. How?
  • We are helping consumers find traditional wet shave barbers near them.
  • We have a wet shave learning center to help people understand the process of the wet shave at home. 
  • We offer great deals (via the Wet Shaving Club) on wet shave products!
When you join you are signing yourself up for great deals, and useful information, and that is it.  
No Monthly Fees.
No Need To Pause A Subscriptions.
No Hassles

What Are The Benefits?

Exclusive access to our Product Of The Month Deal. Hot deals on great products. Only one product per month!
We often include free samples of partner products with your purchases.
Want some examples of sample products we include?  
Cologne wipes, body splash, soaps, etc. 
Note: While our shave club gets you great deals on wet shave accessories like Shave Soap, Shave Brushes, Shave Oil, etc.  
We suggest your start your wet shave experience with one of our 1 Year Wet Shave Safety Razor Packages from The Wet Shaving Club™.  CLICK HERE

But Didn’t There Used To Be A Different Shave Club With The Same Name?

Yes, but that shave club went out of business. Or at least it does not exist anymore. We have a theory on why.  
Click Here for our article on the old shave club. 

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What Is
The Wet Shave Club™

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No Monthly Fees!

No Boxes Piling Up
No "Sample" Products You Dont Want
We Offer One Product Per Month At A Smoking Deal!

What Are
The Wet Shave Club™

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Smoking Deals Monthly On Wet Shave Products

Every Month You Will Get A Great Deal On A Wet Shave Product
Shave Brushes - Shave Soap -Shave Oil -
After Shave - Travel Products - Safety Razor Blades

Didn't There Used To Be
Another Shave Club With The Same Name?

What Is The Difference?

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But It Went Out Of Business
At Least We Think It Did.
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Want One Year Of Shaving
For Only $24

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The Wet Shaving Club™

Starting at $24 You Get
A Premium Saftey Razor
And One Year Of Razor Blades
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