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On this page you will find a summary review of which is the best shave club. Of course, since we are a one of the competitors, we have a bias on this topic. However, rest assured, the facts and details in this article are correct. If they weren’t, we would quickly hear from our competitions’ lawyers. And rightfully so. 

First, let’s look at the razors we are comparing. 

retro safety razor best shave club
Our Retro Safety Razor
harrys truman razor
Harry's Truman Razor
the humble twin
The DSC Humble Twin

As you can see from our Human Liberty Index, this information is something we think all consumers should know about their products. 

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The Human Liberty Index

Half Price Sahve Club - Made In China and South Korea

The Wet Shaving Club - Retro Razor

Our razor handle is made in China. Our blades are made in South Korea.
Seem weird that we would highlight this? Do please read more about the Human Liberty Index to find out why we do.
But, more importantly, keep in mind we sell a razor that is made in Germany, and one that is Made In The USA!

Harrys - Made In Germany and China

Harry's Truman Razor

Harry's highlights the fact that their blades are made in Germany. They do not mention that their handle is made in China. Our source is at the bottom of this article.

We are not casting stones. We are simply pointing out what we found.

Humble Twin - Made In Korea - dollar shave club vs the wet shave club

The DSC Humble Twin Razor

The DSC Humble Twin is made in South Korea. Our source is at the bottom of this article.
They used to be made by Dorco. We are unsure whether that is still the case.

safety razor cheaper to use

The chart above shows the cost difference between shaving with The Wet Shaving Club, and shaving with The Dollar Shave Club (DSC) and Harry’s.

So which is the most cost effective? 

Year 1

The Wet Shaving Club = $18

The Dollar Shave Club = $48

Harry’s = $95.48

Year 2

The Wet Shaving Club = $10

The Dollar Shave Club = $48

Harry’s = $86.48

Total After 5 Years Of Shaving

The Wet Shaving Club = $58

The Dollar Shave Club = $240

Harry’s = $441.40

Get the details on how we determined these costs by visiting our full cost comparison breakdown here. Is A Safety Razor Cheaper To Use?

Question #3 - Which Razor Is The Best Razor?

The truth is we cannot objectively answer this question. Both The DSC and Harry’s have hundreds of thousands if not millions of customers, and plenty of positive reviews on their products. 

What we can say, is that we have used the DSC’s Humble Twin, and Harry’s Truman razors, and we have used numerous safety razors. Our conclusion? In almost every case, a safety razor gave us a superior shaving experience. In fact, we started the Wet Shaving Club because we enjoyed the safety razor experience much more than we did the cartridge razors we had used prior.  

Here Is What Our Customers Are Saying

the best shave club
adam - the best shave club
the best shave club - jake

We believe The Wet Shaving Club, DSC, and Harry’s all have good products. However, in general we also believe that a safety razor gives a superior shave to cartridge razors.  For more details on this, visit our article Safety Razor vs Cartridge Razor

Question #4 - Which Is The Most Convenient

Yep, we are playing the convenience card.

The Wet Shaving Club – You get your metal razor handle and one year of metal blades all at one time, in one box.

The Dollar Shave Club – You get a plastic handle with 5 plastic cartridges the first shipment, and 5 plastic cartridges per month every shipment after. 

Harry’s – You get a plastic handle. You then replenish your plastic cartridges in whatever increment you decide to buy them.

It would be hard to dispute that getting everything you need in one box is the most convenient for you and the environment!


Question #5 - Which Razor Will Cause Less Waste

safety razors are eco friendly

We can answer this question really quickly. 

The Wet Shaving Club razors are all made of metal, and our blades are pure metal and can be properly disposed of without adding more plastic to the landfills. 

DSC – Plastic razors. 

Harry’s – Plastic razors. 


We believe we have laid out plenty of good reasons for you to shop with us here at The Wet Shaving Club

1. Our razor works great.

2. You will love shaving with a safety azor.

3. You will spend much less money shaving with our kits.

4. Getting everything in one box is certainly more convenient than multiple shipments. 

5. Our razors and blades contain zero plastic. Which means less plastic waste in your life.

Legal Stuff

The Wet Shaving Club is not affiliated in any way with Harry’s or The Dollar Shave Club. We consider them our competition. The above article was written based on our opinions of the offerings from each of our competitors compared to our offering.

Harry’s is a registered trademark owned by Harry’s.

The Dollar Shave Club and DSC is a Registered Trademark owned by Unilever.



¹ To see how we calculate one year of shaving with a safety razor CLICK HERE

best shave club
best shave club

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What Does This Mean - HLI

What Is The Human Liberty Index?

The Human Liberty Index (HLI) allows you to see what is likely the most impacting pricing variable for shaving products, the freedom of the workers assembling these products.  Globalization has normalized the costs of raw materials and the technology required to build shaving products and many other products like them.  In almost all cases cheaper products are made in locations with cheaper labor.  

Often the quality is just as good, the unseen cost is most often the liberty of the workers that made the razor you hold each morning.

Our goal is not to judge, or to persuade you on how you should view the Human Liberty Index. Our goal is to inform the consumer, and let the consumer make the decision based on their own moral standards. 

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