Best Shave Club | The Ultimate Guide | 2022 Update - Wet Shaving Club, Dollar Shave Club, or Harry's?
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Best Shave Club | The Ultimate Guide | 2022 Update

the winning safety razor chart
the winning safety razor chart

On this page you will find a summary review of which is the best shave club. Of course, since we are a one of the competitors, we have a bias on this topic. However, rest assured, the facts and details in this article are correct. If they weren’t, we would quickly hear from our competitions’ lawyers. And rightfully so. 

Plastic Razors on Isle 10?

the best shave club - plastic razor

Back in the old days, if you wanted to get a new razor or blades you had to go down to the store yourself and pay with cold, hard cash. With the rise of online stores, you no longer needed to leave the comfort of your home for shaving supplies. You could now order whatever you needed from the comfort of your own home without having to get out of your pajamas. However, despite this newfound convenience, it was still up to you to remember to buy blades, shaving cream, etc. With how busy we all are, it wasn’t inconceivable that you would forget to restock and find yourself using a dull blade. Your choices then were a trip to the store, or wait for your next order to arrive.

The Rise Of The Monthly Shave Club

safety razor for dollar shave club

In the early 2010s, a new e-commerce concept emerged – the shave club. What they offer is pretty simple. You sign up for a starter kit for their razor system (usually a cartridge razor), select a delivery frequency and they send you blades automatically. That’s one less thing for you to worry about, and many claim that their blades are cheaper than traditional companies.

The two biggest players in the early days were Dollar Shave Club and Harry’s, but by the start of the 2020s the number of shave clubs has exploded. Even established companies like Gillette have created their own subscription shave services. Not only have shave clubs grown in number, so have their offerings. Many sell a variety of grooming products, while others have carved out a niche catering to the shaving needs of women.

Which Shave Club Is Best For You?

which shave club is best

With so much choice out there and so little time to review them all, what’s the best shave club for you? Spoiler alert: We obviously think we’re the best. We wouldn’t be in business if we didn’t think we had something special to offer our customers.  But, we’re going to do our best to accurately show you what our competitors offer and why you should still go with us.

So what does “best” even mean when it comes to shave clubs? The way we see it, the best shave club is going to offer you a quality shave, be easy to sign up for, give you the best price and the least amount of hassle in terms of subscription options and delivery. To determine who the best is, we’ll compare how you get started, the quality of the razor and shave you get, and the cost over two years.

So who will we be fighting in this Battle of the Blades, this Rumble of the Razors? First up, we have the first movers in the shave club world, Dollar Shave Club and Harry’s. We’ll also compare ourselves to Bevel and Supply, who, like us, focus on non-cartridge razors. Since safety razor shaving isn’t just for men (in fact, we offer a starter kit specifically for women), we’re going to see how we stack up against the women-focused shave clubs Billie, OUI the People and All Girls Shave Club.  

Legal Note: The information here is taken from our competitors’ websites at the time of writing, and is subject to change. Let’s get comparing!

The Process Of Picking Your Razor

should you shave before a job interview

The best shave club is going to allow you to buy a razor and blades quickly and easily. We’re all busy people, and we don’t like being given the runaround when all we want is to get shaving. So in the race to the checkout, who’s going to cross the finish line first?

Dollar Shave Club

In a previous comparison article, we had a rough time going through the signup process for Dollar Shave Club. Clicking on “Get Started” put you through an exhausting quiz, tried to upsell you at every turn and seemed to only suggest their most expensive blades. Getting their budget option required you to dig around their site. That article was written a while ago. Have things changed?

Yes and no. If you click “Get Started”, you still get a tedious quiz that tries to get you to add as many of their toiletries as possible to your subscription. As far as we can tell, no matter how you take the quiz they sign you up for their more expensive 6-blade cartridges by default. They now have a quick subscription option on their homepage for an inexpensive starter kit, but it still only seems to include their most expensive blades. You can’t even change the cartridge option!

To even find out that they have 4-blade cartridges, you need to look through their store. It feels easier to find, but you still have to search for it. Presumably you can change the blades in your subscription later. By the way, there is no option that we can see that gives you a shave for a dollar per month.


Like Dollar Shave Club (DSC), we’ve also done a previous article comparing Wet Shaving Club to Harry’s. Although less of a hassle than DSC, it still wasn’t as easy as we’d have liked. Has Harry’s gotten better?

It felt about the same. Clicking “Get Started” puts you through a short quiz to get their least expensive starter set, which includes a handle, blade cartridge and a sample bottle of shaving cream. There is an option to buy just a handle and cartridge, but you have to look for it. Also, it was more expensive than the starter kit you get if you take the quiz.


Unlike our previous two competitors, there’s no “Get Started” option on Billie’s homepage. You have to click on their store to see their starter kit. Also unlike DSC and Harry’s, there’s only one starter kit for one price. Nice and simple.

Except not really. After selecting their kit, you’re put through a small series of prompts to select your handle color, blade delivery frequency before finally being upsold on shaving cream and other grooming products. Although easier than DSC or Harry’s, Billie isn’t quite the quick getaway you might be looking for.


Bevel is one of the first safety razor competitors that we’ve compared ourselves to, so we were really curious to see how they worked. Their website is simple enough to navigate, but getting set up with just a razor and blades was not. Their main store page pushes their Shave Starter Bundle, which is significantly more expensive than just their safety razor and blades. In fact, signing up for the bundle will, by default, sign you up for a subscription for shaving products that aren’t just blades. You can change this later, but they’re definitely trying to upsell you right away.

Even if you try to buy their safety razor on its own, they’re still trying to upsell you on their bundle. You can’t add just blades on their razor item page. You have to go to the blades page itself and add them separately.

Oui The People

OUI the People is another safety razor seller, but targeted at women. We have to hand it to OUI the People, it was pretty easy to get started with a razor and blades. They weren’t in stock at the time we were looking at their store, but you could in theory buy a safety razor and blades without taking a quiz or enduring aggressive upselling. They also didn’t appear to have any subscription options.

However, their safety razors only come with 10 blades, so you will have to stock up if you plan on shaving for more than a few weeks. This also has a big effect on the cost of buying from them, but we’ll talk more about that later.


Supply is another non-cartridge razor, but not actually a double edge safety razor. It’s a single edge razor that uses an external injector mechanism to change its all-metal blades. Like OUI the People, Supply is easy when it comes to buying a razor and blades without aggressive upselling. You select a razor, check out and you’re on your way.

Their razors come with an injector with eight blades that they say will last you three months. You’ll need to buy more blades if you want to keep shaving, and they do have a subscription option. However, you’ll need to sign up for it separately, it doesn’t appear to be an option at checkout.

All Girls Shave Club

All Girls Shave Club is, as you probably guessed from the name, also targets women as their primary customers. Like some of the other shave clubs we’ve looked at, buying just a razor and blades wasn’t exactly straightforward. If you click “Her First Shave” on the homepage, you’re taken to their starter kit that comes with a razor, blades and other grooming products. This is easy to buy, but more expensive than just getting a razor and blades.

To spend less on getting started, you either need to get their other starter kit (which comes with cartridges and has a small quiz at checkout), or you have to buy one of their handles and add blades separately. It’s definitely not the worst buying experience out of all these companies, but it could be more streamlined. 

The Wet Shaving Club

So after looking at all these other shave clubs, how do we stack up? Pretty well, if you ask us.  Just select your razor, pick your blade options, check out and BOOM – you have a quality safety razor and a year’s supply of blades. We’re not interested in making you fill out long, tedious quizzes (do people still take internet quizzes?). We don’t upsell you on stuff you don’t need, or get you to sign up for subscriptions that you don’t want. And we sure as heck aren’t going to hide our best deals in the deepest, darkest corners of our store.

Would we love it if you bought more? Of course. Do we have subscription packages for you? You bet. But shaving is personal and supposed to feel empowering. It’s supposed to be a confidence boost that helps you be your best self. How empowered are you going to feel shaving with a razor that you had to struggle to get the best deal on, came with stuff you didn’t want and a subscription you didn’t need? We’re guessing not very. Here at Wet Shaving Club, we want to make it easy for you to get the best shave on your terms.

We’ll go ahead and take the win for this one.

What’s In A Blade?

best shave club blade package

To be the best shave club, you have to deliver the best shave. No surprise there. Your razor has to be high quality, the blades have to perform well and ideally your customers are buying into a shaving system that gives them options. We’ll definitely be touching on the safety razor vs. cartridge razor debate here. So what are you getting when you sign up for each of these shave clubs?  

Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club’s razors are made out of plastic, come in a variety of colors and only accept their proprietary cartridges. This means that if you’re not happy with your shaving experience, you’ll have to start all over again.

We are biased, but we don’t think that cartridges are going to give you the best shaving experience. Instead of one blade like a safety razor, you have multiple blades scraping across your skin. In our opinion, the more edges involved in a shave, the more likely your skin is to get irritated and develop razor burn or bumps. Sorry, DSC, you’re not going to win this round either.


Harry’s has a weighted plastic razor, or a metal one if you’re willing to spend a little more. Like DSC, they only accept their own proprietary cartridges, locking you into their shaving ecosystem. At least they keep it simple by only selling the one kind of blade.

However, you’re still getting a cartridge razor. Another reason we recommend and sell safety razors is that they are easier to clean. There’s very little space between the blades in a cartridge razor. This can lead to trapped stubble and other nastiness while shaving. Since things are tight, a lot of that muck doesn’t get washed away, and might lead to more bacteria growth on the blades.

You can’t give the best shave if you can’t stay clean.


Billie’s razor handle appears to be made out of plastic, comes in a variety of colors and has rubber for extra grip. They also include a magnetic holder, which is admittedly a nice touch. Unlike some other companies, you get two blades instead of one in your starter kit.

Sadly, those blades are cartridges. Unlike metal blades for safety razors, cartridges are incredibly difficult to recycle because they’re partly made out of plastic. As a result, millions of them end up in landfills every year. There are programs to recycle cartridges, but they’re inconvenient and even cost money to participate in.

Sorry, Billie, but the best shave club won’t make you feel guilty about what you might be doing to the planet.


Bevel sells all-metal safety razors that use standard double edge blades. The one model they offer appears to go for a comb-less baseplate design. Like us, they recognize that traditional wet shaving can help prevent razor bumps and irritation. In our experience, using a single blade at a time is the key to achieving this.

Looks like we might finally have a challenger.

Oui The People

Another safety razor competitor, OUI the People sells all-metal safety razors in either a matte gold or rose gold finish. We have to admit, they look pretty spiffy. Their baseplates have a gentle comb design on the baseplate. Like us and Bevel, they know that safety razor shaving can also help prevent ingrown hairs. Also, double edge safety razors are standardized, so you aren’t trapped using one company’s blades.


Supply is pretty unique compared to the other razors here. Like a double edge safety razor, it has an all-metal construction. Their razor also has three levels of adjustable shave “aggressiveness” so you can customize it to your liking.

Although we’re not as familiar with this style of razor, it appears to shave in a similar way to double edge safety razors. This means it probably gives a close, comfortable shave. So far, so good.   

As we mentioned earlier, it uses a single edge, all-metal blade that is inserted into the handle with an external injector mechanism. They’re non-proprietary, so presumably you could find other injector blades if you don’t like theirs. Also, the injector pod is made out of plastic. Unlike cartridge razors, it’s not integral to the blades and is in theory easily recycled. However, considering that 91% of plastic isn’t recycled, it’s best to not use it in the first place.

All Girl Shave Club

This shave club is pretty unique compared to the others, because all their proprietary cartridges don’t fit all their handles. Their 6-blade cartridges only fit their premium metal handle, and their 4-blade ones only fit their plastic handle. You’re locked into a system within a locked system. Whoa.

 And again, cartridges. Cartridge razor commercials make it seem like all those blades are giving you a closer shave. We think that is debatable. Those blades are at different angles. We believe that a close shave is more about the correct angle than the number of blades.

If you want to be “best”, you have to give a closer shave.

Wet Shaving Club

You know what we have – quality, all-metal safety razors. We don’t lock you into a proprietary blade, so you’re free to look for the best deals. With only a single blade edge at the correct angle, we believe you get the closest shave possible compared to cartridge razors.

Also, safety razors are easier to clean because there’s plenty of space between the razor head and the blade. More hygiene means less irritation. Since Bevel and Oui The People offer something similar, we’re going to call this one a tie.

Best Shave Club | Pricing Review

subscription shave clubs cost money - the wet shaving club

*The prices shown in this article are based on pricing as of 3/11/21 and are subject to change. Wet Shaving Club makes no guarantees as to the current accuracy of these prices.

You can have the best razor in the world. You can make it so easy to get started with a razor and blades that you could place an order one-handed while drinking coffee. But, if your product is going to drain shavers’ bank accounts then you simply can’t claim to be the best shave club.

For the longest time, shaving has been incredibly expensive, especially for people using cartridge razors. In fact, many shave clubs started because they believed they could solve this by offering a cheaper product than traditional razor companies. But are they really the least expensive option out there?

To find the best deal for your wallet, we’ll be comparing the cost of buying a razor and blades over two years. To keep things consistent, we’re going look at the needs of a daily shaver that goes through a blade per week. We’ll only be factoring in each shave club’s cheapest introductory razor offer, and for good measure we’ll also compare shipping policies.

Alright, enough rules. Time for a price check!

Dollar Shave Club

This might come as a shock, but Dollar Shave Club costs more than a dollar. From their starter kits to their blade cartridges, you’re going to be spending quite a bit. On their website, they claim to sell their blades “at an awesome price”, but are their prices really that awesome?

In our original comparison with DSC, we estimated that you would spend $48 over two years if you sign up with them. Do those numbers still bear out? Short answer, no. In fact, they appear to have gotten more expensive. A big reason for this is that their two-bladed cartridges no longer seem to be for sale on their website, meaning that their least expensive option got even pricier.

Their cheapest monthly razor option will cost you $8 per month now. It is a four blade razor.

One Year of monthly shipments will cost you – $96

Two Years – $192

That’s a lot of dollars for a “Dollar” Shave Club.

At least they don’t charge shipping on orders that contain blades. However, all other orders under $18 will incur a shipping charge.


Like DSC, we’ve priced a two-year subscription to Harry’s before. In our previous assessment, we calculated that a two-year subscription with them would cost about $182. Is that still the case?

Like DSC, Harry’s cheapest starter kit will get you out the door for $5 with a single blade cartridge. Using the cheapest per-blade price we could find, you’ll spend:

One Year – $96

Two Years – $187

Unlike DSC, Harry’s doesn’t seem to explicitly say that they offer free shipping on blades. You need to spend at least $15 to qualify. So, there’s a chance your blades might cost even more if you don’t buy them in bulk…


Billie’s starter set costs slightly more than Harry’s and DSC at $9 (likely because it comes with an extra cartridge). So how much will a two-year subscription with them set you back?

One Year – $108

Two Years – $207

Oof. This is even with us generously allowing for two weeks without a fresh blade given the extra cartridge in the starter set. For a company that claims to have done away with the Pink Tax, it’s still pretty pricey to sign up with them. At least they don’t charge for shipping on blade and wipe subscriptions (other orders you’ll need to spend at least $15).


Bevel’s safety razor will cost you $49.95. This is pretty reasonable for a safety razor, but you can definitely find better deals out there (like at Wet Shaving Club!). If you buy their house brand double edge blades, you’ll be spending the following:

One Year – $78.30

Two Years – $106.65

As you can see, Bevel is far less expensive than its cartridge razor counterparts, but is it the best shave club deal? Probably not. Their prices for blades are really high when compared to other double edge options, Wet Shaving Club included. For about what they charge for 20 blades, you could easily get 100 from us. Luckily, safety razor shaving means that you can get your blades from other sources, so Bevel customers aren’t tied down.

After browsing their site for a while, there didn’t seem to be a clear shipping fee policy. There doesn’t appear to be any free shipping, and the only mention of shipping we did find mentioned a fee of $4.95. This means there’s a chance that you’ll also be paying for shipping on whatever you order.

Oui The People

OUI the People’s safety razors will cost you $75. To ensure you have enough blades you’d need to spend the following over two years:

One Year – $130

Two Years – $196

For a safety razor and blades, that’s A LOT! You’re spending about as much as you would if you signed up for a cartridge razor service. We believe that the high price is because of how much they’re charging for blades, which is $11 for 10. There’s simply no reason to be spending that much, given the options that are out there. For $11 you could buy 100 blades from us and still have change. That is ten times the amount of blades for the same price!

If the price wasn’t high enough, they appear to only offer free shipping on orders over $75. Not a great shipping policy if you’re just looking to get a few of their pricey blades…


Supply’s least expensive handle will cost you $75. They say that 8 blades will last you 90 days, and therefore it will cost you $24 in blades per year to shave. For fairness we will accept their claim on its face ( although we are a tad skeptical ). So how much will two years cost you?

One Year – $93

Two Years – $24

These calculations are based on the full price of their blades, not the discounted price if you get a subscription. That’s because there doesn’t appear to be a free shipping option for orders under $25, even for blade subscriptions. So, to get the best deal you will likely need to buy in bulk annually at the full price.

All Girls Shave Club

The cheapest way to get started with All Girl Shave Club is to buy their Bella razor handle for $7. But is the cost of shaving for two years just as “bella”?

One Year – $115

Two Years – $223

Ouch! This is by far the most expensive introductory razor deal out of all the companies we’ve compared.

To get free shipping, you either need to sign up for a razor subscription or spend $39. However, you can’t get a subscription for their lower-tier razor blades, so you’ll have to buy in bulk to avoid paying for shipping. You might as well get their premium razor which will cost you $228 over two years with a blade subscription.

The Wet Shaving Club

Wet Shaving Club

So have we saved the best for last when it comes to price? Oh yeah, easily. If we got you set up with our Retro Safety Razor and a year’s supply of blades, how much do you think that might cost you?

One Year – $50

Two Years – $60

Yup, you read that right.

Even our premium (and incredibly patriotic) Made in The USA | ‘Merica Razor will only cost you $100 over two years with blades. We easily beat all the competition, even those companies selling safety razors.

Oh, and the cherry on top is we don’t charge for shipping for your razor

Best Shave Club | Conclusion

spread the word about the wet shaving club

No surprises, we’re the best shave club. We’re the simplest to get started with, give our customers (in our opinion) a superior shave compared to cartridge razors, and we’re hands-down the easiest on your wallet.

That’s not to say that you can’t get a great shave with our competitors. If cartridge razors are still more your thing, you’ve got some good options here and those other safety razors looked decent.

We just think overall, we’re the best. If you’d like to get the best shave, check out our razors and get grooming!

The Wet Shaving Club is not affiliated in any way with Harry’s , The Dollar Shave Club, The All Girls Shave Club, Oui The People, Bevel, Supply, or Billie. We consider them our competition. The above article was written based on our opinions of the offerings from each of our competitors compared to our offering.


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  1. I’m really sorry Angel Shave Club didn’t make it . I wanted to buy their razor from them. I thought it was a great company. I saw them on Shark Tank. Start another company called Angel Club for ladies or something else. Learn from what your happened. You can do this.

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