Which Shave Club Is Best?

The Best Shave Club

Which Shave Club Is Best?

Which Shave Club Is The Best Shave Club

So you are looking to find out which shave club is the best? First, let’s determine why you are looking for a shave club to begin with.

Most likely you fall in one, some, or all of the categories below.

  • You are looking to spend less money on shaving than you do today.
  • You are looking to improve the quality of your razor.
  • You don’t want to go to the store to buy a razor and refill cartridges.
  • You saw a viral video that promised you a shave for $1 but you never paid $1 after shipping. So now you are looking for another shave club.
  • You want to start enjoying your shaving experience.

Let's Start With A Comparison Chart

best shave club - comparison chart

Details From The Chart

          Details For One Year Shave Equivalents For Each Competitor

o   The Wet Shaving club Details  – Click Here

o   Gillette –  On their website, we picked shaving 3-4 times per week. This means your cartridges are refilled every 3 months at $15 per shipment. $15 X 4 Times Per Year = $60. 

o   Harry’s – On their website, we picked shaving 2-4 times per week. This means your cartridges are refilled every 3 months at $15 Per Shipment. $15 X 4 Times Per Year = $60. 

o   Dollar Shave Club – The Dollar Shave Club ships you 4 cartridges every month. But to make it fair, we assumed you would pause shipments and only get 8 months of cartridges. That is 32 cartridges per year, which equals the same number that you get from Harry’s and Gillette when you receive 4 cartridges every 3 months. “The Executive” is $10 per month. $10 X 8 Months = $80.  

      –       The GQ Award ThingCLICK HERE

o   Harry’s won it and they like to champion it. Bah!

      –       Who is a small business?

o   I can assure you that we at the Wet Shaving Club are considered a small business. You can help make us larger though. Buy something!

o   Gillette = Big company

o   Dollar Shave Club = purchased by Unilever – CLICK HERE for details

o   Harry’s = is being purchased by Edgewell – CLICK HERE for details

      –        Safety Razors Are Centuries Old Technology?

o   And That is Good?

          §  Yes – CLICK HERE


So What Did Our Comparison Chart Teach Us?

Actually, the math here is simple. 

$24 < $60 < $80. Or for those who forgot what the “alligators” mean… 

$24 is less than $60 and $80. 

Harry’s costs $60 per year, Gillette costs $60 per year, and Dollar Shave Club would cost $80 per year for the same number of cartridges you get with Harry’s and Gillette (32) cartridges. 

How do we calculate a year of Shaving For $24? CLICK HERE for details. 

Which would you prefer, getting anywhere from four to twelve shipments per year, or getting your razor and your one year supply of blades all in one box, up front.

Let us ask the question a different way, do you think you are getting a better deal paying shipping four to twelve times, or do you think you would get a better deal paying shipping just once?

We know, we know…. Shipping is free from all four of us right? Don’t you remember your economics class? TANSTAFL!

“There Aint No Such Thing As A Free Lunch!” CLICK HERE FOR A REMINDER

Of course we don’t charge you for shipping as a line item. But you can bet our prices and our competitors’ prices are all adjusted to compensate for the cost of shipping.  More on that here CLICK HERE.

The Bottom line. The Wet Shaving Club ships you a One Year Supply of blades and your razor all in one box. No subscriptions. No monthly fees. No pausing things to keep your product from stacking up. No gimmicks.

The Dollar Shave Club and Harry’s were small businesses, but they have been recently purchased (or in Harry’s case being purchased) and are now smaller divisions within large businesses. Gillette has been a big business for a while. 

The Wet Shaving Club is a small business. 

There is nothing wrong with being a big business. Most small businesses aspire to be big businesses one day. However, with a small business you know you are getting service from folks that are invested in what they are doing. Most of us work for big businesses. Look around you. Is everyone engaged and invested in the business? Enough said. 

If you like shopping with the little guys, then that’s us. If you don’t care, then shop with us anyway 🙂 .

Not a lot to say here. Our razor is chrome plated zinc. The comparison razors are mainly plastic, rubber, etc. Having the weight of a metal razor helps the razor and blade do the work. You do not have to pull down to get the smooth shave. The weight of the razor does its work. 

So Which Razor Is Better?

safety razor vs cartridge razor

This is a very subjective question. We have tried them all, and you will be shocked to hear that we believe our razor is the best.  But, that is a question you will have to answer yourself. 

GOOD NEWS! You can try our razor and get a year’s worth of blades for $24. You just can’t beat that deal!

All that being said, we have ranked the razors based on our preference below. 

1. The Wet Shaving Club Vintage Safety Razor 

2. Harry’s Truman Razor

3. Gillette Fusion5

4. Dollar Shave Club Humble Twin

Our Conclusion

The fact is, razor options are much better today than they were a decade ago. And we are not talking technology or design. As you know, we believe it only takes one sharp blade held at the right angle to give you a smooth shave. In our opinion, your razor options are better because the legacy brands have been exposed.

We believe The Dollar Shave Club really took it to those big legacy razor brands like Gillette and Schick. 

Let’s compare The Dollar Shave Club to something like Toyota and the way the changed the auto industry. So if The Dollar Shave club is the Toyota of the razor world, then Harry’s came along and positioned themselves as the Lexus. A higher end product, but still reasonably priced compared to the other luxury brands.

Sticking with this analogy, we would label Gillette as the Cadillac of the industry. A legacy brand that makes good product, but not the best product; however they still charge like they are making the best product. 

So where does that leave our safety razors? Hmmm…

We are like the Harley-Davidson of the group. We have a super cool product, that has been around forever, been on the ropes a few times, but keeps coming back stronger. Oh yeah.. we have chrome on our product too!


Legal Stuff.

The Wet Shaving Club is not affiliated in any way with Schick, Gillette, Harry’s, or The Dollar Shave Club. We consider them our competition. The above article was written based on our opinions of the offerings from each of our competitors compared to our offering. 

Schick is a registered trademark owned by Edgewell

Gillette is a registered trademark owned by Procter & Gamble or P&G™

Harry’s is a registered trademark owned by Edgewell

The Dollar Shave Club is a registered trademark owned by Unilever

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