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Supply vs. Wet Shaving Club

wet shaving club vs supply razor

This edition of our Best Shave Club Series we take a look at the Supply vs. The Wet Shaving Club.

It’s a big, crazy world out there when it comes to shaving. From traditional razor companies to the latest (and not always greatest) shaving club, there always seems to be somebody tugging at your wallet. The choice can be overwhelming, and more often than not we settle into a shave system that feels familiar, even if it turns out you’re not getting the best shave at the best price.

But who should you trust when it comes to your morning shave routine? Well, we make no bones about our bias, we think you should go with us. In our opinion, traditional wet shaving with a double edge safety razor means less irritation, a more hygienic shave and is far more cost effective than shaving with a cartridge razor. Unlike other shave clubs, Wet Shaving Club is easy to get started with, and we don’t try to lock you into a subscription that you have to babysit or push products you might not want.

For this article, we’re going to take a break from cartridge razor sellers (See our comprehensive article: Which Is The Best Shave Club) and look at a different kind of shave company – Supply. Supply sells injector razors, which use an external injector unit to insert a new single edge blade and eject the old one. Supply was launched back in 2015, and was also featured on the reality TV show “Shark Tank”. At the time of writing, they appear to only sell their products through their website.

The injector razor was invented by Jacob Schick (yup, THAT Schick) in the early 20th Century, making it another classic shave system. However, injection razors don’t seem to have had the same resurgence that double edge razors have.

So when we compare Supply vs. Wet Shaving club, who is the traditional shaving king?

Getting Started

One of the biggest frustrations we’ve had with other shave clubs is the signup process. Many of them have you take a tedious quiz that (besides probably getting some intrusive data on you) tries to upsell you on grooming products that you might not want our need.

Luckily for our customers, we’re incredibly simple to get started with. Choose your starter kit and off you go (subscriptions optional). But what about Supply?

To their credit, their process is also very simple. Choose your razor handle, check out and you’ll have yourself a razor and 8 blades. They do have other shaving products and accessories for sale, and they’re priced at a premium (more on price in a moment).

When looking at Supply vs. Wet Shaving Club, ease of getting started is a tie.

How About the Razor?

So what are you getting with Supply? Their baseline razor is the alloy Single Edge 2.0, although for nearly double the price you can get their stainless steel model. It also has three adjustable settings for different levels of closeness. Unlike cartridge razors, theirs don’t require proprietary blades, meaning you can shop around. However, there doesn’t appear to be as big a selection as with double edge safety razors.

As we said previously, it relies on an external injector unit to eject the previous blade and insert a fresh one. We’re not a fan of this mechanism. Every video we’ve seen of injector razors being replaced shows the used blade flying out of the opposite end of the head.

This doesn’t look completely safe to us. It seems like you’d have to be very careful about where you were aiming your razor. Also, the design of the blade is very narrow, meaning that you likely need to be incredibly careful picking them up.

Also, per their website, you have to enter a blade in manually if the razor head is empty or you risk damaging the blade. In order to do this, there appears to be a somewhat complicated process that involves taking the razor apart and holding the blade in place while you screw the head in place around it. Again, this doesn’t look completely safe to us. Of course, then again, we are biased and prefer a safety razor.

Double edge safety razors, like the ones we sell, are incredibly simple. They’re designed to open easily, and the blades have blunt areas on the narrow edges that allow you to pick them up easily without cutting yourself. There’s also no need to hold the blade when you close up your razor.

When we compare Supply vs. Wet Shaving Club in terms of razor usability, we have to give this round to us. Double edge razors are simpler to use, and there’s less chance of putting your fingers near a sharp edge…     

What’s in a Shave?

If you’ve read anything on our website, you know that we’re not a fan of cartridge razors. is not either, and their razors seem to follow a similar shave principle to ours.

Only one blade edge makes contact with your skin at a time, reducing irritation and giving you a close shave. Also, their razor does not seem to trap debris and stubble like cartridge razors, which can make your shave more hygienic.

We’re not as familiar with shaving with this style of razor, but there’s nothing we see here that makes us believe that you couldn’t get a quality shave on par with a double edge safety razor.

So when it comes to actually shaving with Supply vs. Wet Shaving Club, we’re going to have to call another tie.

Is it Easy Being Green?

Cartridge razors are not easily recyclable. The metal and plastic components are tough to separate, and many cartridge blades end up in landfills.

Supply seems to recognize this, and their system seems far more environmentally friendly than their cartridge counterparts. Their blades are all metal, which can be easily recycled and are separate from the plastic injectors that they come in.

The problem is that they still use plastic. It’s not just them, all the injector blade units we saw from other manufacturers also used plastic. Although technically easily separated from the blades, a staggering 91% of plastic isn’t recycled. The best way to not have more plastic end up in landfills is to not use it.

Double edge blades are completely recyclable, and many (including the ones that we sell) come in recyclable and biodegradable packaging.

Although better than cartridge razors, when you look at the environmental impact of shaving with Supply vs. Wet Shaving Club, we’re better. 


And now the part of the comparison that you’ve all been waiting for. Money talks, and one of the biggest advantages of shaving with a double edge safety razor over cartridges is the significantly lower cost of ownership over time. But can you get similar savings with Supply?

Supply’s least expensive razor will set you back $50.  They say that a year’s worth of blades will cost you $24 a year. We’re skeptical about this claim, because it means that a daily shaver would be using less than a blade a week. But, for the sake of argument, let’s run with those numbers.

Over two years with Supply you’ll spend the following:

One Year – $75

Two Years – $98

And Wet Shaving Club? You’ll only spend $80 over two years with our Winning Safety Razor Even our premium ‘Merica Razor will only cost you $110 over two years. Don’t forget, our razors are made of 100% stainless steel! The Supply Razors are chrome covered zinc alloy. And our razors are made in the usa!


So there you have it. Although Supply offers a great shave and makes it simple to get started with their razor. However we do not believe it is as “green” as shaving with a double edge safety razor. Despite being cheaper than cartridge razors, they still couldn’t beat us on price.

If you’re looking for a simple shave that’s easy on the wallet, check out our store!

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“it’s a great option for those with sensitive skin who desire the irritation-free shave”

“In just one box, you'll receive enough replacement blades for a whole year, so you won't need to worry about placing another order for, well, 365 days.”

“they’re also capable of providing a cleaner shave with less irritation. Rather than paying a monthly fee for your subscription, Wet Shave Club’s One Year Safety Razor deal starts at $18 annually — broken down, that comes to just $1.50/month.”


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