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How to Store Your Safety Razor

Merica Safety Razor shave club
Merica Safety Razor shave club

You’ve finally received your new safety razor and have taken it for its maiden voyage. Now what? How do I store it?

  • Do you need to remove the blade?
  • Will it rust?
  • Do I need to clean it?

Let’s break down
some of those questions so your new safety razor lasts for years to come.

Clean Your Razor

After you are finished shaving, be sure to thoroughly rinse the shaving head of your safety razor
to remove any remaining soap, cream, or hair. Keeping your razor clean will not only increase
the longevity of the razor but also the blade.

Dry Your Razor

Once your safety razor is clear of all debris, give it a good pat down with a dry, clean towel.
Make sure you are taking extra precaution around the blade–it is sharp!

Loosen The Top Cap

You’ve now cleaned and dried your razor, but loosening the top cap of the safety razor—even
just half a turn—might just be the most important step of the storing process. If you are not
removing your blade after every shave, it is crucial to allow airflow to get between the top cap
and the blade. All Wet Shaving Club safety razors are manufactured in the United States using
100% stainless steel so there is little worry that the safety razor will rust, but the blades in the
razor can rust if not given the opportunity to dry between uses.

Store Upright in a Stand

When you are ready to put your safety razor away, try storing it upright in a razor stand or in a
dry location with good airflow.

Two More tips

If you shave everyday, there really is no need to remove the blade from your safety razor
after using as long as it is thoroughly cleaned, dried, and the top cap is allowing airflow
to the blade. However, if you are not shaving everyday or have multiple safety razors in
your lineup, feel free to remove the blade and store safely until your next shave.

It’s a good idea to disassemble your safety razor every few weeks to give it a good
cleaning. Even when using and cleaning your razor everyday, soap and cream deposits
can be missed. Try taking a soft toothbrush and some water to the disassembled top
cap to remove any leftover residue. Be sure to let it dry completely before reassembling.

With just these few extra minutes of care, your safety razor will remain in great condition and will give you years of smooth shaving.

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