Meet Sam

Sam Is Sad

Sam Never Got To Shave For $1 Per Month

So He Had To Keep That Beard

He saw the video of that guy who said his razors were @$!%^ awesome.
He heard that same individual say he could shave for $1 per month..
But when he went to buy them it actually cost him $3 per month after shipping**.
He wanted to shave his beard. But $3 was just too much.
And Now………. Sam is Sad.
Because he is too broke to shave that beard.
You could say, he was forced into “face foliage.”

The Razors Might Be OK.
But They Were Not $1!

Others Are Also Sad.
And They Also
Remain Bearded.

shave for $1 - with a safety razor you can

Michael - San Diego

"What happened?! That guy said this razor was going to @#$^()& awesome. He also said it would cost me only $1 per month. It costed me $3 with shipping, and that is too much. Now I have to keep this beard. My girl hates this beard.
And She Is Leaving me!"

sad he could not shave for $1

Dave - Atlanta Georgia

"They said I could shave for only $1 per month. But I couldn't. After shipping it cost me $3 per month. That is 300% more than I was promised! I can't afford that.
I'll Never Get Rid Of This Beard Now!"

Not Real Testimonials. We made them up. But we bet we are probably not far off.

One Year Of Shaving

$ 24
One Time Purchase
  • 1 Premium Safety Razor
  • 1 Year Supply of Blades
  • All Supplies In One Box
  • Shipped For Free!

More Details On The $24 Safety Razor Package


Why is it called the $24.00 Wet Shaving Club™ Package?

Because thanks To The Wet Shaving Club™ , for a one time purchase of $24.00 you get 1 Year Of Shaving! What does that mean?

  • You get a premium vintage styled safety razor.
  • You get 105 Safety Razor Blades. A 1 Year Supply. 1 Year Supply? CLICK HERE
  • You pay a one time fee of only $24.00
  • Shipping is free!
  • Therefore you pay $24.00 for 12 months of wet shaving
  • $24.00 divided by 12 months = $2.00 Per month*. What a deal!

How do we figure that 105 safety razor blades is enough for 1 year of wet shaving?

A person who shaves daily will use approximately 8 safety razor blades per month.  8 X 12 = 96 safety razor blades.

With the $24.00 Wet Shaving Club™ Package you get 105 safety razor blades!

How does our safety razor package compare to the rest?

  1. Our safety razor package gets you one year of shaving with no monthly fees and no subscriptions.  You get everything you need in one shipment that ships for free!
  2. Compare that to “The Shave For $1 Place”. Their cheapest package is $4 per month. That is $48.00 per year. Click Here For Details

* What do we mean by saying we have a $2 Per Month Safety Razor Deal? You are making a one time $24 purchase. Shipping is free. Our $24 number does not include any applicable taxes. You are getting a one year supply of safety razor blades and a safety razor. Therefore you are paying $24 for one year of shaving. $24 divided by 12 months = $2 per month. You are not paying $2 per month. We do not have any monthly fees. 

** It used to be that the Dollar Shave Club sold it’s “Humble Twin” for $1 and then shipping was $2. Total customer cost to get the blades to their home was $3.  Today it is $4 with free shipping. We believe that at some point there was an offer for $1 for a trial month, but then if they signed up for the $1 per month refills, then they paid an additional $2 for shipping.

This information was obtained directly using the chat function to ask a customer service rep at the Dollar Shave Club. Additional verification can be found at the link below.

The Wet Shaving Club is not affiliated with The Dollar Shave Club. The Dollar Shave Club and its trademark are owned by Unilever. 

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