Should You Shave Before A Job Interview? - The Definitive Answer Is Here
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Should You Shave Before A Job Interview?

should you shave before a job interview

The time has come. You have finally landed a chance at your dream job, and the interview is tomorrow. You have been preparing for this opportunity for weeks now, and you feel that there is no question the interviewer could ask you that you could not answer with maximum confidence. You pick the perfect outfit and set your alarm for the morning. Suddenly, you realize something; you’ve been growing out your facial hair. Panic sets in as you ask yourself whether or not it is professional to have this beard, or whether to shave before a job interview. We have put together some information that should be helpful.

You Remember That Thing About First Impressions?

It is not uncommon to be unaware of professional etiquette. More importantly, it is okay to be unaware of it. However, first impressions count. And taking care of your appearance to make a good first impression, particularly when dealing with your face, will prove to be very useful knowledge. Many people concern themselves with their looks – and rightly so, especially if they are heading to a major event, such as a job interview. Looking your best shows initiative and offers your potential employer the chance to take note of that. It may also boost your confidence, and as a result, you will perform better. So, should you shave before a job interview? Here are a couple tips to help you make your decision.

Do You Have A Beard Only A Mother Could Love?

First of all, to get to the obvious scenario, if you struggle to grow out a nice-looking beard, you should probably go ahead and shave off any attempt at growing out your facial hair before the interview. Not all men can grow a full beard, and that is okay. That doesn’t make you any lesser of a man. Even if you are not the biggest fan of having a bare, clean-shaven face, it is the safe decision in the end. 

You don’t want to show up to a professional workplace with a patchy mess of hair strung about your face. This could lead your potential employer to misjudge you, thinking you are unorganized, slovenly, or careless, which could greatly hurt your chances of getting hired. Similar scenarios could involve stubble or a “five o’clock shadow.” Some people can pull off this rugged lumberjack look; others can’t. And again, that is okay. Of course, it is nice to be able to grow out a burly beard, but other simple grooming choices – like a full shave – can look just as good. In these first cases, take the safe path; shave before the job interview.

Does Your Style Fit Their Style?

Next, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the style of the company in order to decide whether or not you should shave before a job interview. What type of company is it? Is it an extremely professional, cut-and-dry workplace, or is it a bit more laid back than that? Perhaps if it’s more on the professional side, you should go ahead and look as professional as you can and shave before the interview. You will want to look just as nice as the rest of the office and be more prepared than possible other potential hires you may be competing with. Suppose it happens to be quite the opposite; a more casual workplace; well then, feel free to keep your facial hair – again, as long as it’s somewhat pleasant to look at. Keeping your facial hair groomed is a topic that we will discuss shortly.

You could even go so far as to research employees at the company you are interviewing with; check up on the company’s social media or look at some news articles about them. Do any of the employees have facial hair? If so, you might be able to go without shaving.

 Additionally, you need to think about the specific position you are applying for based not only on professionalism but also things like job requirements. What will you be doing if you get the job? Let’s say you’re applying to work in the food or health industry and you have a big, bushy beard. Well, it may be more beneficial for yourself and others to shave before an interview dealing with such paths, because let’s face it, you probably don’t want to have to wear a hairnet over your chin or do anything else that might make you feel a little silly. 

Keep in mind that some companies enforce a dress code policy, and there is a chance that policy might include whether or not an employee is allowed to grow facial hair. In this case, it would not even be up to you, so make sure to do some research, if not for the sake of finding a dress code, at least in order to study up on things that may help you in your interview.

To Shave Or Not To Shave

If the job you are interviewing for seems like the type of place that wouldn’t mind whether or not you shave before a job interview, the choice depends on your preference. Some people see a clean-shaven face as more professional. If you decide to shave before a job interview, make sure to look at our shave club before doing so. Our safety razors provide a single-blade shave that will leave your face refreshed and spotless.

Others might appreciate a man who can grow and groom a nice-looking beard. If you take the route of keeping your stubble, scruff, beard, or whatever lays upon your face, make sure to take care of it. For best results use our shave products for grooming and our all-natural beard oil for a sleek, lasting look. We have what you need to make your next job interview your best job interview and to continually ensure that you are able to shave your way to success.

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