Safety Razor vs Cartridge Razor

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Safety Razor vs Cartridge Razor

safety razor vs cartridge razor. Which is better. The Wet Shaving Club Review
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Comparing A Safety Razor To A Cartridge Razor

So you are scared of trying out a safety razor? That single intimidating blade, that looks like it belongs in a box cutter, gives you visions of blood stained tissues all over your face?

Fear not , this article will  alleviate those fears. In the text below you will see that a safety razor will not only give you a close and a smooth shave, but by using a safety razor you will……. 

  • Avoid running multiple blades across your face
  • Find it easier to clean and sanitize your blades
  • Spend less money (If you buy from us). CLICK HERE for our deals.
  • Enjoy your morning routine

Why Did They Replace The Safety Razor?

You can read the whole story at our article “A Brief History Of The Razor”.

But we will give you the Reader’s Digest version here.  Way back in 1901 Mr. Gillette was selling his safety razor handles at a loss. He made his money back and then some with the sale of blades. But he found that he could drastically reduce the manufacturing cost of the handles but increase the cost of blades for consumers. Enter, the cartridge razor.

Disposable razors are really cheap to make, and manufacturers keep adding on more blades which in turn usually increases the price for consumers, despite the fact that more blades do not necessarily equate to a better shave.

In our opinion, the ones who benefited the most from safety razors going out of style were the companies who made the razors, not the people who used them. Try one out for yourself and see what we mean; you won’t be disappointed.

A Safety Razor Help Can Prevent Razor Burn

Safety Razor vs Cartridge Razor - The Safety Razor Prevents razor burn
The Safety Razor vs Cartridge Razor question could boil down to this point alone.  

Razor Burn Sucks!

How does a safety razor help prevent razor burn?

Let us answer that question with a couple of questions for you.

Let’s say you are using one of those five bladed cartridge razors.  With one pass of the skin, how many blades are in contact with your face? FIVE! 

Next question. How many blades does it take to cut hair off your face?

Safety Razor vs Cartridge Razor - Wet Shaving Club says one blade is enough

As you can see. It only takes one blade! So why do the cheap one bladed plastic razors suck and the five bladed cartridge razors work better? It is all about the angles and directions.

Of done properly, the angle at which you hold your safety razor will put that one blade at the angle that most effectively cuts the hair on your face.  Additionally, the direction you shave can help you prevent razor burn.


shave with a safety razor

 If you have five blades, one of them is bound to be at an angle that gives you a close shave. Unfortunately the other four might not be, which is one of the things that can cause skin irritation. In some cases, the first blade lifts the hair, the remaining blades cut the hair, sometimes below the skin. A hair below the skin is what causes ingrown hairs. And again, five blades running across your face can cause skin irritation.

Five Bladed Razor Lifting Hair
And Potentially Irritating Your Skin

Lifting A Hair Can Cause
Hair To Be Cut Below Skin

Which Can Cause
Ingrown Hairs

A safety razor is designed so that you control the angle of the shave. This allows you to shave those hairs the first time with only one blade! Intuitively, one blade running across your skin should leave your skin less irritated and therefore less likely to get that nasty razor burn.  

If you couple your safety razor with the complete wet shave experience which includes Shave Oil, Shave Soap, and a Shave Brush…. well your razor burn should be a thing of the past. Furthermore, you will actually look forward to shaving!

A good example of the wet shave experience. CLICK HERE

Are Safety Razors More Sanitary Than Cartridge Razors?

Blue disposable razor on a white background.
As the saying goes. A picture tells a thousand words. The picture above depicts the issue with the multi-bladed cartridge razors perfectly. They are very hard to keep clean. 
If you shave, then I do not need to elaborate further. You have seen it. You have tried to deal with it. 
A safety razor is different. You have one blade, and with a properly designed safety razor, that blade should have plenty of spacing allowing the clean-out to be almost effortless. If you are wet shaving, then you just swirl it around in the sink water and your done! 
By the way, what does a sanitary razor mean? It means less skin irritation! See above.


Safety Razors Cost You Less In The Long Run

are safety razors cheaper to use - the best shave club

A Safety razor is substantially more cost effective than a cartridge razor. It is even more cost effective than those other shave clubs that promised you that you could shave for $1.

Check out our “Are Safety Razors Cheaper To Use” article for more information.

Check out our “Best Shave Club” article to see a shave club comparison

Safety Razor vs Cartridge Razor Conclusion

Let’s be honest. Some of you are not going to change. In fact, those folks probably did not read this far. 

For those that did make it this far, ask yourselves this question. What do you have to lose?

Certainly not money. We have shown that the safety razor is less costly than the cartridge razor. Shave quality? We believe the safety razor is an upgrade when it comes to the quality of your shave.

You have nothing to lose. Especially with our Satisfaction Guarantee.  

So which is  better? The Safety Razor or the Cartridge Razor?  Try a safety razor and decide for yourself!

Now For A Shameless Plug

Safety Razor Information

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