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Everything You Need To Start Your Wet Shave Experience

Safety Razor Starter Kit

With our Safety Razor Starter Kit you are getting everything you need to start your wet shave experience.

  • Our One Year Vintage Safety Razor Package  — CLICK HERE For Details
  • Your Choice Of Shave Brush
  • Shave Soap
  • Shave Oil
  • Aftershave
  • Shave Soap Bowl
With this kit you will be wet shaving like a pro right away

What Do You Get?

Our Vintage Safety Razor included in our $24.00 Wet Shaving Club Package™ - The Wet Shave Club

1 Year Safety Razor Package

Click For More Information

Your Choice Of Shave Brush

taconic shave soap eucalyptus - the wet shaving club

Eucalyptus Mint Shave Soap

pre shave oil from the wet shaving club - the best shave club

Pre-Shave Oil

safety razor starter kit aftershave

Aftershave and Body Splash

safety razor starter kit shave bowl

Shave Soap Bowl

The Wet Shave Club™ Safety Razor Starter Kit is the best deal you will find out there!

Buy The Kit and You Save Up to 28%!

The kit comes with:

  • Our $24.00 One Year Safety Razor ™ Package – CLICK HERE For Details.
  • A  Starter Shave Mug
  • Our Premium Pre-Shave Oil – CLICK HERE For Details
  • Our Premium Aftershave & Body Splash CLICK HERE For Details
  • Taconic Mint Eucalyptus Shave Soap – CLICK HERE For Details.
  • And your choice of Shave Brush – Pick Above

For as low as $69.99 you can get a safety razor, a one year supply of safety razor blades, shave soap, a shave mug, a premium shave brush, premium shave oil, and after shave! We don’t think you can find a better deal out there!

So whether you are just getting into wet shaving, or whether you are a pro, our Wet Shave Starter kit is for you!

While you are at it, we think you should also take the time to join The Wet Shave Club™. There are no monthly fees, no subscriptions, just great deals on wet shave products.  More below.

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