Can You Take A Safety Razor On A Plane? | All Of Your Answers Are Here
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Can You Take A Safety Razor On A Plane?

made in the usa safety razor - can you take safety razor on a plane?

How To Travel With A Safety Razor

Can you take a safety razor on a plane? Remember when flying was fun? Neither do we. Standing in long lines to get through airport security, remembering what is and isn’t allowed in carry-on luggage, and having to take your shoes off is all annoying and a hassle. Also, the average airport sandwich is far from appetizing.

Security is a big part of the modern airport experience, and bringing prohibited items could potentially land you in hot water with TSA (and earn you big fines and criminal charges). Being a wet shaver on the go, you naturally want to make sure that you’re squared away when it comes to your safety razor and TSA. This article will help you do exactly that.

Can I Travel With A Safety Razor?

The answer is both yes and no. When travelling with a safety razor, the TSA is very clear on how you must do that. The razor handle itself can be packed in both carry-on luggage and checked baggage. The blades, however, have to be checked in. Yes, even the one that’s currently in your safety razor.

It’s interesting to note that both cartridge and disposable razors are allowed in carry-on bags, but we’ve seen enough prison documentaries to wonder if that’s a great idea….

What If I Don’t Want To Check My Bag In?

For longer trips, checking your bag in might be the best way to travel with a safety razor and bypass TSA. However, for shorter weekend and business travel, the added expense and time might not be worth it.

You can try sourcing razor blades at your destination. If you’re staying at a hotel, you might be able to get the concierge to do this for you. Or, you can see if your destination has a shaving store.

Another option when you’re travelling with your safety razor is to ship some blades to your destination beforehand. It’s cheaper than checking your bag in and you only need to send the blades you need. Just make sure that you’re complying with your delivery service’s hazardous materials policy.

Or, if you’re travelling with your safety razor to a place that you visit frequently like a loved one’s house, consider buying some blades from us and having a supply there. That way, whenever you’re in town you don’t have to worry about keeping your razor stocked!

What About My Other Wet Shaving Gear?

Despite the fact that there are clear restrictions on your safety razor from TSA, you’ll be glad to hear that things are a little easier for the rest of your wet shaving arsenal. Shaving soap is allowed by TSA for carry-on, as well as liquids less than 3.4 ounces (as long as they fit in a quart-size bag). If you want to travel with larger quantities, you’ll have to check your luggage.

That means that you can take your favorite shave oil, cream and aftershave balm with you, as long as they stick to these guidelines. Your favorite shaving brush? Carry-on approved.

How To Pack When You Are Traveling With A Safety Razor

As a well-travelled, worldly man, you no doubt know that your grooming products need to be kept safely separated from the rest of the things you’ve packed. A toiletry kit is a must, and a great way to have everything organized.

Most metal safety razors are pretty hardy, and can generally be kept loose in your toiletry kit. However, we’d suggest not travelling with a blade loaded in your handle. When used correctly for shaving, safety razors are incredibly safe. When they’re loose inside your toiletry kit, the blade can move side-to-side and potentially slice the inside. Take some unused blades with you (make sure they’re securely in their packaging), and treat yourself to a fresh one at your destination.

If you’re worried about scuffing your razor or want to keep your current blade, you could invest in a separate pouch or holder. Just remember that if you still have a blade in your safety razor and you’re planning to carry on your bag, you’ll get in trouble with TSA.

Alternative Ways To Travel With A Safety Razor

Now that you know how you can take your safety razor on a plane, you are probably wondering if there are other ways to travel with a safety razor. For long-distance travel, flying is generally the quickest way to get to your destination. However, if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of travelling with a safety razor and dealing with TSA, there are alternatives.

Back in the days before air travel became mainstream, getting across the country meant taking a train. That’s still an option today, especially if you live in the Northeast Corridor. Although taking the train is generally slower and more expensive than flying, it’s far less stressful (you don’t have to deal with TSA), and a great way to see this beautiful country of ours. Best of all, Amtrak allows you to travel with a safety razor in your carry-on bag!

Another terrestrial alternative is driving. It definitely takes longer than flying, but you can easily travel with your safety razor while getting a great view of the good old USA. Just please don’t shave and drive.


So, can you travel with a safety razor on a plane? Travelling with your safety razor can be done, but you need to take TSA regulations into account when it comes to blades. Checking your bag is the easiest way to do this, but there are some workarounds if you only want to take carry-on luggage. Whatever your choice, be sure to check out our shave club to stock up for your next trip!


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