safety razors are cheaper

Is A Safety Razor Cheaper To Use?

safety razors are cheaper ,

Is A Safety Razor Cheaper To Use?

Is a safety razor cheaper to use than a traditional cartridge razor? The short answer is yes!
The answer used to be, “yes, but it will cost more in year one”. 
However, thanks to The Wet Shaving Club, that answer has changed.  Keep reading for details.

Safety Razors Cost You Less In The Long Run... And Year One!

As chart above shows, The Wet Shaving Club's offerings are more cost effective in the short term and long term
It may seem counter-intuitive, however using almost any safety razor will save you money in the long term versus using a cartridge razor. Furthermore, if you take advantage of the Wet Shaving Club’s offerings like Our $24.00 Safety Razor Package or our $34.99 Safety Razor Package, then you will reap some serious savings!
Let us look at the $24.00 Package.
Your first purchase is $24.00. Your entire year’s worth of shaving product (razor and blades) ships in one box. 
Shipping is Free!
Your total out of pocket (excluding tax)? Yep… $24.00!
Want to keep you current razor handle? Perfect! It should still be in great shape.
So all you need is your 100 blades. What does that cost? 
A 100 Pack only costs you $10 at The Wet Shaving Club.
Shipping is free!
Your total out of picket(excluding tax)? Yep… $10.00!
We will stop there. You get the picture. 

Conclusion: Is A Safety Razor Cheaper To Use?

We have shown that the safety razor is less costly than the cartridge razor.  It is cheaper in the both the short term and long term. What are you waiting for then? 
Questions about the Shave quality difference between a safety razor and a cartridge razor? You will upgrade the quality of your shave if you choose to start shaving with a safety razor. For more on this, check out our article “Safety Razor vs Cartridge Razor”
 The fact is, you have nothing to lose. Especially with our Satisfaction Guarantee.  When it comes to the question of The Safety Razor vs the Cartridge Razor.

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The Wet Shaving Club™ is not affiliated in any way with The Dollar Shave Club™ or Harry’s™. Pricing quoted above is subject to change. 

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