The $49.99 One Year Wet Shave Package


Why is it called the $49.99 Parker Safety  Razor Package?

For a one time purchase of $49.99 you get 1 Year Of Wet Shaving with a Parker Safety Razor!  See below for details



Why is it called the $49.99 Parker Safety  Razor Package?

For a one time purchase of $49.99 you get 1 Year Of Wet Shaving with a Parker Safety Razor! What does that mean?

  • You get a premium Parker safety razor. Pick Your Style!
  • You get 105 Safety Razor Blades. A 1 Year Supply
  • You pay a one time fee of only $49.99
  • Shipping is free!
  • Therefore you pay $49.99 for 12 months of wet shaving
  • $49.99 divided by 12 months = $4.16 Per month. What a deal!

How do we figure that 105 safety razor blades is enough for 1 year of wet shaving?

A person who shaves daily will use approximately 8 safety razor blades per month.  8 X 12 = 96 safety razor blades.

With the $49.99 Parker Safety Razor Package you get 105 safety razor blades!

For more on how often you should change your razor blade, CLICK HERE


Want to learn more about wet shaving? Try our resources below.

Safety Razor Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where can I learn about wet shaving?

If you are new to wet shaving you probably have lots of questions. We can answer some of them, but not all. So below is a list of great wet shaving resources for you.

Is a safety razor better than a cartridge razor?

In short, we have no doubt you will enjoy a wet shave with a safety razor infinitely more than your shave with a cartridge razor.

However, we have many more details for you here.  CLICK HERE

Why is a safety razor called a safety razor?

he first step towards a safer-to-use razor was the guard razor – also called a straight safety razor – which added a protective guard to a regular straight razor. The invention was inspired by the joiner’s plane and was essentially a straight razor with its blade surrounded by a wooden sleeve

Source: › wiki › Safety_razor

What is the best safety razor for a beginner.

There are plenty of great choices when it comes to your first safety razor.  That being said, we recommend you start with our One Year Safety Razor Package.  You get a premium razor handle and a one year supply of blades!

How often do you have to change your safety razor blades?

The number of times you have to change your blade varies by the coarseness of your stubble and the number of times you shave per week. Check out our comprehensive article right here. CLICK HERE

You have found our One Year Of Shaving Safety Razor Deals.

We hope you will take the time to check out our great deals!

Start with our One Year Safety Razor Packages

What makes The Wet Shaving Club™ Different?

  • Free Domestic Shipping On All Products
  • One Year Of Shaving Safety Razor Deals
    • One Year of Shaving Cheaper Than The $1 Shave Place
    • No Monthly Fees
    • No Subscriptions
    • You get a premium safety razor and a 1 year supply of blades
  • A 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

So if you are shopping safety razors, then you have found the right place!

Razor Type

Butterfly Open, Ivory Resin Handle, Black Resin Handle


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