Man Wipes - Cologne Wipes

Cologne Wipes - 30 Pack

Pack of 30 Individual Cologne Wipes.

Cologne Wipes are a great way to keep yourself smelling manly on the go.

Scent: Glorious

What does it smell like? The name says it all. It smells Glorious! It has a manly outdoorsy smell that is fresh, and not overpowering.



Jake GNew Safety Razor User
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.. I'm going to try and get all the beardo freaks I call friends to get into the wet shave, it's just so classy and old school...
AdamNew Wet Shaver
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It was my first time using a safety razor and I didn't get any razor burn.
Robert DNew Safety Razor User
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.. the three piece razor is a first for me and solidly made. Good shave and products all around. Spreading the word. Wet Shaving Club is official!!
Jane G.Great Gift Giver
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Bought as a gift and they loved it!
Trent BNew Safety Razor User
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I’m absolutely loving it! I am brand new to shaving with a DE/safety razor, so I was very unsure going into it.

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The Human Liberty Index (HLI) allows you to see what is likely the most impacting pricing variable for shaving products, the freedom of the workers assembling these products.  Globalization has normalized the costs of raw materials and the technology required to build shaving products and many other products like them.  In almost all cases cheaper products are made in locations with cheaper labor.  

Often the quality is just as good, the unseen cost is most often the liberty of the workers that made the razor you hold each morning.

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