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prevent razor nicks on your legs

How To Prevent Razor Nicks On Your Legs

prevent razor nicks on your legs
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Shaving your legs can be one of the most satisfying things in the world. You walk away feeling beautiful, soft, and refreshed. However, getting nicks or cuts on your legs sucks. Nicks and cuts on your legs can cause them to look red, feel itchy, and lower your self-confidence. So, how do you prevent razor nicks on your legs?

It starts off with a nice razor that is sharp enough to give you a great shave and prevent unnecessary irritation. If you have sensitive skin, a safety razor could be your best friend. It can provide you a clean shave, and if you do the appropriate amount of prep work, it can change your shaving game!

In addition to having the right razor, we have compiled a list of the best tips we can find to help you prevent razor nicks on your legs.


9 Tips For Preventing Razor Nicks On Your Legs

1.) A Warm Bath

Take a warm bath to help prep your skin. Warm water will help open up the pores all over your body. This will help soften your skin and the hair on your legs, which will help the blade cut the hair for a closer shave.

2.) Exfoliate

One of the best ways to get a clean shave is to exfoliate before you start shaving. You can take your favorite face exfoliator and a washrag to scrub the dead skin off your legs before beginning to shave.

3.) Shave Oil

Never tried shave oil before? Shave oil helps the razor glide across your skin and leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft. Pair it with a shave soap, shave cream, or even conditioner!

4.) Change Your Blade

Change your blade after every five or six shaves. If your blade is too dull, it can cause more frequent razor nicks on legs. You will be able to tell if a blade is dull if it snags or pulls as your run it across your skin. If you see any rust, you will want to change your blade immediately.

5.) Wet Shave

Don’t have time for a bath? No matter what, you should always wet shave with warm water. It helps soften your hair follicles. Don’t have time to shave with warm water? Than don’t shave! Dry shaving can cause irritation to your skin.

6.) Shaving Direction Matters

You should shave in the opposite direction of your hair growth. This will help you get a closer shave and will help you prevent razor nicks on your legs.

7.) Hold Lightly

Do not press down on the blade. Pressing down too hard can leave streak, cause razor burn, or leave you with nicks. You should always shave as light-handed as possible but still with enough pressure to cut off the hair. Good news! Safety razors are made of metal and are therefore heavier. If used properly, they do the work for you!

8.) Moisturize

Ok, this won’t prevent nicks. But it is one of the best tips we have and one you should adopt if you don’t already! Moisturizing after your shave can save you a lot of pain and trouble. Using a nice body gel that locks in the moisture and repairs skin should be something that you look for when choosing a gel or moisturizer. Another trick is to get out of the shower, and before you get completely dry, add moisturizer. This will lock the remaining dampness to your skin and leave you feeling softer than when you got in the shower.

9.) Try A Safety Razor

Looking for a women’s safety razor? No need. A safety razor for a woman is the exact same as the safety razor for a man. Why? Because they work. Ditch your pastel colored plastic razors and pick up a safety razor instead!

Final Thoughts

These shaving tips should help you prevent razor nicks on legs, and anywhere else you might need to shave too.  I recommend switching to a safety razor to help your skin feel softer and smoother than those multi-bladed cartridge razors you have been using. See our “Safety Razor vs Cartridge Razor” article for more information. 

Kayla Eaton

Kayla Eaton

Kayla Eaton has a background in fashion journalism but has recently expanded to new niches. These subjects include travel, food, sustainability, and areas in beauty. She focuses on client needs and follows directions to create the best possible blog post for an individual website.

Kayla lives in Portsmouth New Hampshire, where she works in the local coffee shops and spends her free time talking to the locals and supporting small businesses. She helps run local media pages and promotes restaurants as well as businesses across New England.

Safety Razor Information

The following articles will help you understand how and why we all got duped into using those multi-bladed razors, and more importantly, why you should make the switch to a safety razor immediately.

Using this tool takes a little practice. But once you get started, you will never look back. In fact, if you pair your new instrument with the other fine accoutrements used for a proper wet shave (i.e. shave soap, shave oil, aftershave, and a shave brush) we believe that you will both enjoy and be saddened by your morning shave. You will enjoy the process of the shave, you will enjoy the result of the shave, and you will enjoy how you look after the shave. However, you will be saddened (at least temporarily) that you spent all those years beforehand using a dang cartridge razor!

When you are done reading our articles and have been properly educated on what you have been missing, we would ask that you spread the news. Tell your friends! They will thank you for it.

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  • Learn the proper method of shaving
  • Have confidence that the safety razor is the most important tool in your morning shave.

Using this tool takes a little practice. But once you get started, you will never look back. In fact, if you pair your new instrument with the other fine accoutrements used for a proper wet shave (i.e. shave soap, shave oil, aftershave, and a shave brush) we are confident that you will look forward to your morning shave!

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