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We Never Got To Shave For $1

shave for $1

DISCLAIMER: “We Never Got To Shave For $1” is a biased article. We are a competitor to The Shave For $1 Place. Well, maybe that is a stretch.  We are not sure they consider us one. We are a small business, and they are not anymore. However, we want to sell our product. We wrote this article to help compare and contrast our product offering with that of The Shave For $1 Place. We believe everything we say below is accurate. However it is biased. Also, we are in no way affiliated with The Shave For $1 Place.

We Don't Think Anyone Ever Shaved For $1. But It Is Still A Deal.

To our knowledge, nobody got to shave for $1.
After shipping it was $3. Today it is $4 (including shipping).
Now, $3 was, and $4 still is, a great deal. If The Shave For $1 Place did anything, they showed men how badly they were being ripped off by buying disposal cartridge razor heads at the grocery store. 
Do you remember buying 3 blades for like $12? As if shaving with a cartridge razor wasn’t bad enough; you not only had to drudge through the monotony of shaving with those razors, but you watched your money fly out of your wallet at mach 3 (bad pun ended).
Ahh, but you have to love the internet. Along comes a funny video of some dude dropping the F-bomb about how good and how cheap his razor is, and a few years later he is selling his company for over a billion dollars and everyone else is spending less on razors than they did before. Well done sir!
But back to the point. We don’t believe it ever happened for $1. And as we stated above, today, the lowest priced option at The Shave For $1 Place is $4 per month.
Which leads us to ask this question. Which would you rather spend per month to shave, $4 per month, or $2.00 per month? More on this below. 

"The Shave For $1 Place?"

You might be wondering why we are not specifically naming our competition. We did at first, but we have changed this article so that it does not specifically call out our competitor by name.  
It is owned by a large company. And unfortunately, large companies like to squeeze out small companies through litigation. They have in-house attorneys and can scare little guys like us by threatening or engaging in lawsuits. And unfortunately, even though we would not do anything that would break the law, that does not matter.  
Many big companies sue small companies just to drain resources and force them out of competition.  The moral of the story? We will not specifically name our competition. 
Never Got That Dollar Shave

PSST. The Wet Shaving Club is 50% Cheaper Than The Shave For $1 Place

Think about that for a moment would you.
Granted, we don’t have a cool video that is going to go viral.  Furthermore, all men have shaved, but not all men have shaved using a safety razor. Therefore, our product might be a little scary to the newcomer. 
However, our offering gives you a 1 year Supply of shaving for 50% of the price of the cheapest shave you could get from The Shave For $1 Place.
Now, if you had no idea what The Shave For $1 Place was, you would think you could shave for 50 cents. But they do not have a $1 shave. Click Here for more information on their offerings. 
And The Wet Shaving Club™ does not have a 50 cent shave.
However we do have a shave that averages right at $2 per month.  Because with a one time purchase of $24, you can shave for One Year with our $24 One Year Wet Shaving Club™ Package.
And with The Wet Shaving Club™ you will get a quality safety razor. Not a cheap plastic razor.


To our knowledge, nobody ever got to shave for $1 once they paid for shipping.
For a one time purchase at The Wet Shaving Club™, you can shave for as little as $2 per month. 
You pay $24, one time. You get a safety razor and a 1 year supply of razor blades all shipped in one package.
Shipping is free.

Our claims of the safety razor being a superior shave to the cartridge razor is based on our own opinions. As stated above, these opinions are biased, as we sell safety razors and not cartridge razors. 

 The article above was meant to compare and contrast our offering to our competitor offerings. Everything written above is the opinion of The Wet Shaving Club™

The $24.00 One Year Wet Shaving Club™ Package

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