Merkur 34c Double Edge Safety Razor - Razor Only

Merkur 34c Heavy Duty Safety Razor

One Year Of Shaving

$ 37
One Time Purchase
  • Best Price Online!
  • 3/14/20 Amazon Price $40.43
  • 3/14/20 Walmart Price $39.99
  • Merkur 34C Safety Razor
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One Year Merkur 34c Safety Razor Package - Best Deal Online!

Merkur 34c Heavy Duty Safety Razor

One Year Of Shaving

$ 44
One Time Purchase
  • Merkur 34C Safety Razor
  • 1 Year Supply of Blades
  • All Supplies In One Box
  • Shipped For Free!

Merkur 34c Double Edge Safety Razor

Merkur 34C Double Edge Safety Razor Pricing As Of 10/1/2019 – We Have The Best Price!

Walmart – $44.43 as of 03/20/2020 

Amazon – $39.99 as of 03/20/2020 

The Wet Shaving Club – $37.99 AND Free Shipping!

Merkur 34C Double Edge Safety Razor is a chrome finished 2-piece Double Edged razor. The handle is approximately 3″ long has a thicker grip with non-slip knurling for a comfortable hold during your shave .

Also known as the Merkur HD, the Merkur Heavy Duty, it now mainly goes as the Merkur 34C Heavy Duty.

Because it is has an average aggressiveness to it, this razor continues to be a great first choice for new wet shavers. But as stated above, it remains one of the most popular safety razors out there because experienced wet shavers continue to love it as well.  If you clean it per manufacturer recommendations and treat it with care, this double edged safety razor will last for decades.

You can also buy the Merkur 34C as one of our One Year Safety Razor Packages. CLICK HERE to check them out.

Length: 3″

Weight : 78 grams

Made in Germany

Is The Merkur 34C an Aggressive Razor?

It is moderately aggressive. That makes it a perfect safety razor for the wet shaver making the move from a milder safety razor to a slightly more aggressive safety razor. 

What is The Merkur 34C Made Out Of

Unlike many of the safety razor options out there, it is made of stainless steel. 

Why A Safety Razor vs. A Cartridge Razor?

So you are scared of trying out a safety razor? That single intimidating blade, that looks like it belongs in a box cutter, gives you visions of blood stained tissues all over your face?
Fear not good sir, this article will  alleviate those fears. In the text below you will see that a safety razor will not only give you a closer and smoother shave, but by using a safety razor you will reap the following benefits. 
      – Less Skin Irritation
      – A More Sanitary Shave
      – A Cheaper Shave (If you buy from us). CLICK HERE for our deals.
     – A More Enjoyable Shave
Read The Entire Article — CLICK HERE

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