How To Wet Shave With A Safety Razor Tutorials

Note: The tutorial videos below are not our own content. Why?

We simply decided that instead of creating our own videos, we would reach out to “wet shave experts” and ask to use theirs. Some would call that lazy, some would call that cheap. We call it smart and frugal. 

Besides, how many different ways can you show someone how to wet shave? There is no need for us to add to the noise. Especially when there is already quality content provided by folks that have been wet shaving for a long time.

Wet Shave Tutorial Videos From The Sharpologist

Thank you to The or Mantis59 (YouTube Handle) for letting us use his great wet shaving tutorial videos in our wet shave resource section. We should say that we have no affiliation with , and the fact that he allowed us to use his material does not imply his endorsement of our product.  

Wet Shaving Concepts

Lathering Your Soap

The Wet Shave

Shaving With A Single Blade

Ten Minute Wet Shave

Adjustable Safety Razor

Wet Shave Tutorial Videos From Michael Freedberg

Step 1 - Assembly & Prep

Creating A Good Lather

First Pass After Lather

2nd & 3rd Passes

Post Shave & Cleanup

Pre-shave Applications

We came across Michael Freedberg’s videos as we were doing research on the types of tutorial videos we wanted put together to show newbies the proper way to wet shave. 

Michael does a great job of explaining the processes in a clear and succinct manner. 

You can find more of Michael’s videos here CLICK HERE.  


How To Wet Shave With A Safety Razor

Above you will find great videos from wet shave experts on how to wet shave with a safety razor. 

For most people, shaving sucks. Very few people enjoy the morning process of lathering up with a cheap shaving cream, shaving with a cartridge razor, applying tissue to the areas where you cut yourself, and then dealing with razor burn and razor bumps for the rest of the day. 

But then you have those that wet shave. It is a different experience. It is relaxing, enjoyable, and it just plain feels better when you are done.  

There are anywhere from four to seven steps in the wet shave process. 

1. Prep Work

2.  Pre-shave Applications (optional)

3. Creating a Good Lather

4. First Pass Shave

5. Second Pass Shave (optional)

6. Third Pass Shave (optional). 

7. Post Shave and Cleanup

For more information, check out or videos and articles below. 


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