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The Best Way To Shave Your Neck

shave your neck

Every  man that shaves, has to shave their neck. So what is the best way to shave your neck? For bearded men, the question is even more important. 

You have a beard for a reason. And while it may not be #1 on the list, one reason you do have a beard, is because you do not want to shave.  But that neck hair has to go.  So what is the best way to shave your neck?

When You Shave Your Neck, You Want These Results.

As stated above, one of the reasons you likely have that chin curtain (beard) is because you want to avoid shaving. But since you have to keep that neck clean to keep your beard looking proper, what are the results you expect when you do have to shave your neck?

  • An inexpensive shave
  • A close shave
  • Minimal skin irritation

We Think You Should Try A Safety Razor

safety razor for women

We believe shaving your neck with a safety razor is the best way to shave your neck because of the quality of the shave, the cost effectiveness of a safety razor, and because of the cool factor! 

Are you using a cartridge razor today? Check out our article “Safety Razor vs Cartridge Razor” and see how we address the “skin irritation” and “smooth shave questions”

A Safety Razor Is Cheaper To Use

are safety razors cheaper to use - the best shave club

In most cases, using a safety razor will save you money in the long term versus using a cartridge razor. For example, our Wet Shave Club derives its name because it saves you up to 50% off of the leading cartridge razor shave clubs. Let us take a look. 

The examples below assume you shave 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Click Here to see how often we recommend you change your safety razor blade. 

You are only shaving your neck! Which means the blades should last you much longer than one year! Making your cost even less than the example below. 


YEAR ONE – Retro Safety Razor Deal

Your initial purchase is $24 It includes a metal safety razor handle with a one year supply of blades. It all comes in one box, and ships free to you.

Therefore, your total out of pocket (excluding tax) is only $24!


 Learn more from our article “Is a Safety Razor Cheaper To Use” 

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Shave Packages To Consider

“it’s a great option for those with sensitive skin who desire the irritation-free shave”

“In just one box, you'll receive enough replacement blades for a whole year, so you won't need to worry about placing another order for, well, 365 days.”

“they’re also capable of providing a cleaner shave with less irritation. Rather than paying a monthly fee for your subscription, Wet Shave Club’s One Year Safety Razor deal starts at $18 annually — broken down, that comes to just $1.50/month.”


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