How To Shave With A Safety Razor

How To Shave With A Safety Razor

How To Shave With A Safety Razor

How To Shave With A Double Edged Safety Razor

Want to learn how to shave with a double edged safety razor? 

Consider this page your go to resource. Down below we have two sets of how to videos.  One set is from The Sharpologist (a.k.a. Mantic59) and the other set is from Michael Freedberg. 

Neither the Sharpologist nor Mr. Freedberg are affiliated with The Wet Shaving Club in any way. We wanted to create a single stop resource for people to learn how to shave with a double edged safety razor (or wet shave), and instead of creating new videos, we decided to use content that was already out there. 

Quite frankly, we could not have done better than these guys anyways!

Additionally, we have many articles we have written about wet shaving and using a double edge safety razor.  And Finally, we have plenty of other resources we think you should check out. 

You can click the quick links below to jump down to these sections.

Intro To Wet Shaving By The Sharpologist

The videos below are a great introduction to the wet shaving experience. Learn more from Mantic59 at

Intro To Wet Shaving


The Wet Shave

Ten Minute Wet Shave

Step By Step Instructions From Michael Freedberg

Mr. Freedberg is very thorough and does a great job of helping newbies understand how to navigate through their first wet shave experience. 

Assembly & Prep

Building A Lather & Shave

2nd & 3rd Pass

Post Shave & Cleanup

Helpful Articles For The New Wet Shaver

Below is a listing of some of the many articles we have put together regarding double edged safety razors and wet shaving in general. We also compare our shave club vs the competition. 

Which Shave Club Is Best?

The Best Shave Club

Which Shave Club Is The Best Shave Club So you are looking to find out which shave club is the best? First, let’s determine why

Read More »

What Do We Recommend You Buy?

For your first safety razor, we recommend you try one of our One Year Safety Razor Packages. They start at $24.00. 

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