Our Tale: "From Wipe To Blade"

Like many success stories, our story started with failure. But not just a failure. Multiple failures. In fact, The Wet Shaving Club is a great idea (more on that later) brought to you by lots of wasted time, too much wasted money, and some really bad ideas that preceded it.  

I don’t remember whose idea the “Man Wipe” was. It sounds like something Troy would come up with.  Yeah. It was Troy’s idea. A Man Wipe is actually a cologne wipe.

Want to buy this?

wet shaving club

Why would someone want a cologne wipe? Because they fit in your wallet, and therefore a cologne wipe makes it easier to smell manly on the go!  Should be a no brainer. Right?

We even created great videos like this one, to make our pitch.

One year later, we still had


We had funny videos. We had a great product (at least we thought so). But we did not have any sales to speak of. Therefore we decided to create an extra incentive to buy our cologne wipes. We wanted to pair our man wipes with another toiletry item. What would it be?

A Razor! <– Rob’s idea. 

Yep, we decided to pair a product that we could not sell with another product that everyone already has, and we all hate to use

If only you knew how much it costs to source a cartridge razor compared to how much you are buying it for from your shave club……… Shhh. We tell you below.


With our new marketing ploy in mind, we went to source a razor. We learned a lot during this process, but there were two things we learned, that changed our company’s direction.

1. We have all been getting ripped off by these cartridge razor companies. As of the day we are writing this tale, we can source a 5-blade razor for 15 cents! This fact still amazes us. 

2. The second thing we learned, was that there was this thing called a safety razor. It was a little scary, because it had only one blade. But it looked cool, so I volunteered Troy to try it out first. 

the safety razor!

We were shocked! A single bladed double-edged safety razor puts all those multi-bladed cartridge razors to shame! How could this be? Why are all these other razor companies continuing to increase the number of blades on their razors?

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