Dollar Shave Club vs Wet Shaving Club | Which Is A Better Deal
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Dollar Shave Club vs Wet Shaving Club

In this article we will see which shave club is the best. The Wet Shaving Club or The Dollar Shave Club

Full Disclosure: We want you to buy our product. While we believe our review of The Dollar Shave Club is fair and honest, it is also our review. A review from a competitor trying to sell you their product.  We are not affiliated in any way with The Dollar Shave Club.. While we think they have a good deal (if you like cartridge razors), we think our deal is better, and we think you will like our product better. The prices shown and information discussed based on pricing as of 10/1/20 and are subject to change. Wet Shaving Club makes no guarantees as to the current accuracy of these prices.

Let’s Get Started

The Dollar Shave Club vs The Wet Shaving Club.

Welcome to the Internet, where is seems there are no shortage of brands wanting you to sign up for their shave club. So many online native stores, as well as legacy brands like Gillette, are all asking for a piece of your monthly paycheck to keep you stocked up in blades, creams, lotions, and now anti-chafing testicle cream? Sheesh…

With all the options out there, you might be wondering how The Wet Shaving Club stacks up against the other guys. We’re glad you asked.  This will be the first in a series of articles where we compare what we offer to our competitors. Hopefully, you will come to the same conclusion we have – when it comes to the best shave experience at the best price, The Wet Shaving Club has you covered.

We will do our best to put our biases aside and let you, the customer, decide whether the offering from The Wet Shaving Club is better than the offerings of the rest.

Firstly, we’re going to look at the Dollar Shave Club. Started in 2011, it was one of the original subscription razor services. It gained notoriety when its founder made a series of viral videos, and later became a staple in podcast ads. Unilever, a massive international corporation, bought the company in 2016. But does being a first mover and viral marketing success mean you offer the best product.


Umm…The Dollar Shave Club is Not $1 ?

It should be noted that we did not find any shave club that you can subscribe to for $1.  
We asked The Dollar Shave Club what happened. Here is their response. Please excuse our lazy and poor grammar in the exchange.

shave for $1

Getting Started

Getting a starter kit with The Wet Shaving Club is very simple. Head on over to our store, choose your starter kit, check out and you’re set with a razor and blades for an entire year. There are other great shave accouterments you can get as well, but we’re not pushy about it.

The Dollar Shave Club, in our opinion, is not as easy for someone who just wants to shave. If you click on “Get Started” on their homepage, you’re presented with a survey asking about your grooming habits in order to create a customized starter set. Depending on your answers, your starter set will be populated with a variety of grooming products. Just want to get started with a razor and blades?

Still Getting Started…

We tried this survey a number of ways, but the only razor that it seemed to recommend for a starter kit was their most expensive one. Maybe it was an ID10T (old techy joke) error on our part?

After this process, you can get rid of things you don’t want, but we don’t believe customers really should have to go through this to get started with a razor. After some digging through their site, we discovered a way to buy their razors by themselves.  If you go to their menu and click “Blades”, FINALLY you’ll see all their other blade options. They range from $4 per month to $10 per month.


We Don’t Subscribe To Blade Subscriptions

When you buy a starter set from The Wet Shaving Club, you get everything in one box. No monthly fees and no subscriptions.

No matter what kind of razor you get, the Dollar Shave Club seems to automatically sign you up for blade refreshments. You can later change the frequency of blades, or even pause or cancel the shipments, but that’s just another thing in your life that you have to keep track of. 

We Sell An Experience. They Sell A System

When comparing The Dollar Shave Club vs The Wet Shaving Club, you must understand that our business models are different. 

If you peruse our site for even a little bit, you’ll catch on pretty quickly that we’re all about safety razors and the experience of wet shaving. Therefore, we have articles, upon articles, upon articles about why you should upgrade to a safety razor, but we’ll go over the basics again here. Safety razors, by virtue of having one blade, run less blades across your skin. So in our opinion they are less likely to cause skin irritation. Additionally, they are easier to keep clean because they don’t have multiple blades for old hairs and shaving creams to get stuck between. Less gunk stuck in blades means you are more likely to get a clean and sanitary shave from a safety razor. As for price, well you will see below, it costs much less to use a safety razor from The Wet Shaving Club.

Dollar Shave Club, on the other hand, exclusively sells cartridge razors. The more expensive the cartridge, the more blades you get in that cartridge. As we’ve explored before, more blades can actually increase your odds of getting razor burn. Cartridge razors are more likely to trap more stubble and impurities, making them harder to keep sanitary. They also use plastic, which makes them harder to recycle. Safety razor blades, on the other hand, are plastic-free and are easier to recycle, making them much more environmentally friendly.

Don’t Like Their Blades. Too Bad! Don’t Like Our Blades. Ok….

The Dollar Shave Club, like all the other cartridge razor shave clubs, make their handles (most of which are made with plastic) exclusively able to fit their blades. This means that if you no longer want to use their products, you now have a paperweight instead of a razor handle.  Our safety razors, on the other hand, use standardized double edge razor blades. So if you don’t like one brand, it is easy to change to another. Let us put this in bold and underline it. You can buy ANY STANDARD SAFETY RAZOR BLADE with our safety razors. You do not have to buy them from us!

Our razors open you up to a world of options. Theirs lock you into their razor ecosystem. 

Blah Blah Blah. Get To The Cost Of Each.

are safety razors cheaper to use - the best shave club
*The prices shown in this graph are based on pricing as of 10/1/20 and are subject to change. Wet Shaving Club makes no guarantees as to the current accuracy of these prices.

Like any great company, we’ve done the math on our product and how our prices compare to our competitors. Harry’s is in our chart, but we will get to them in another article. 

Your first year of shaving with The Wet Shaving Club is $24. That $24 purchase includes your safety razor and enough blades for an entire year of shaving. The Dollar Shave Club is $4 per month or $48 per year for monthly shipments of their cheapest cartridge that has 2 blades in it.

Again, at the Wet Shaving Club, your first year costs you $24. That includes a metal safety razor and your first year’s worth of blades. When you run out of blades, you can buy another year’s worth for as low as $10. That is right, your shaving supply gets cheaper year-over-year. 

If you are a daily shaver, with Dollar Shave Club, and you maintain your monthly shipments at $4 per month, then you pay $48 every year to maintain your shave. By the end of your second year with them, you will have spent $96. By the end of your second year with The Wet Shaving Club, you will have spent $34.

There’s no comparison. When it comes to saving money, The Wet Shaving Club wins hands-down. Read all the details behind the chart above in our article “Is A Safety Razor Cheaper To Use”.

Guess What We Concluded?

There you have it, a side-by-side comparison of The Wet Shaving Club vs Dollar Shave Club. We’ll get you a new razor quickly and easily along with a year supply of blades. No monthly fees. No subscriptions. No gimmicks. All our razor options are simple to find, and we’re not pushy about selling you anything you don’t need. 

We know that as far as cartridge razors are concerned, the Dollar Shave Club makes a good razor. But in our opinion, that is like saying they are a tall pigmy. Or the best prostate exam. Hmm, maybe that was too harsh? 

In our biased opinion, we clearly win this first “vs.” battle. While we go take a victory lap, head on over to our store and get the shave you deserve.

Legal Stuff

Our claims of the safety razor being a superior shave to the cartridge razor are based on our own opinions. As stated above, these opinions are biased, as we sell safety razors and not cartridge razors.  However, we could sell cartridge razors, but we believe safety razors are superior. The article above was meant to compare and contrast our offering to our competitor offerings. Everything written above is the opinion of The Wet Shaving Club.The Wet Shaving Club is not affiliated in any way with The Dollar Shave Club or Harry’s. We consider them our competition. The above article was written based on our opinions of the offerings from each of our competitors compared to our offering. The Dollar Shave Club an DSC is a registered trademark owned by Unilever

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“it’s a great option for those with sensitive skin who desire the irritation-free shave”

“In just one box, you'll receive enough replacement blades for a whole year, so you won't need to worry about placing another order for, well, 365 days.”

“they’re also capable of providing a cleaner shave with less irritation. Rather than paying a monthly fee for your subscription, Wet Shave Club’s One Year Safety Razor deal starts at $18 annually — broken down, that comes to just $1.50/month.”


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