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Do Women Prefer Beards?

do women prefer beards

Do women prefer beards? Or do they prefer clean shaven men? Should men care?

Let’s not beat around the bush, alright gentlemen? We all know that attracting the ladies is priority numero uno when it comes to grooming. In a guy’s perfect world, we’d all look like cro-magnon men with big bushy unkempt beards speckled with pieces of elk meat vaguely smelling of beer. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the fairer sex likes a guy that doesn’t look (or smell) like Robin Williams’ first scene in Jumanji.

Do Women Prefer Beards

Fear not, kings, because Wet Shaving Club is here to answer that fundamental question: “Do women prefer beards or the clean-shaven man?”

Do All Women Prefer beards? No.

The question, “Do women prefer beards?” can be broken down more specifically this way.

Do all women prefer beards? No. Ladies are not a monolith, and any one man who says he understands them all is a charlatan who is not to be trusted. Every single woman is unique with her own tastes and preferences. If all women preferred beards, every heterosexual man on earth would have a giant bushy beard and we’d all get into arguments over whose is bigger.

We might not be able to prove what all women like, but I think we could certainly say that most women don’t like a bad beard. If you have a double-digit number of elongated spider legs poking out of your face, you’ll be repelling both the women who do and do not prefer beards.

Whatever You Have On Your Face. Take Care Of It.

A better question than “Do women prefer beards?” is “How do I take care of my facial hair?” because, in my experience, I’ve found that women like a man who can take care of himself. That whole man-baby thing? Not Hot. So, what you should strive towards is having a face that communicates to the opposite sex, “I can handle business.”

Most women don’t want to end up being caretaker to a man-child, so, to prove you’ve got what it takes as a potential partner, prove your caretaking potential by cultivating a well-groomed face (We Can Help With That). If you do have a beard, you should be tending to it with regular trims, oils, and brushing, because a woman might love a beard but hate the scent of tomato soup radiating out of an unkempt bird’s nest. If you’ve got a more precise design to your facial hair, then keeping the patchier zones shaved, detailing your facial hair with laser precision, and regularly trimming the hairs will show women your care and attention to detail. Your face should ultimately be a sign that reads, “If I treat my face this good, think how well I’ll treat you.”


The saddening truth is not all of us can look like Brett Keisel.

Do women prefer beards 1

There are some of us unfortunate souls who are gonna have to go at it clean-shaven, but that’s only as much of a problem as you make it. If you develop a good shaving routine with a high-quality safety razor (like the retro-shave razor available on for $2.00 a month wink-wink nudge-nudge) and smell good, you should have no trouble attracting women.

Do What Is Best For Your Face.

Instead of asking, “Do women prefer beards?” you should really be asking yourself, “What is the best facial hair for me?” Does your facial hair grow at a rate and thickness that needs near-constant shaving? You might benefit from growing out a beard and tending to it like the fine piece of shrubbery it is. Maybe you can’t grow out a beard, but you can get a nice thick mustache going. Grow that thing out! 

No matter what you decide to do, do it for you, King. If you’ve been dying to try the mustache soul-patch combo but have been too nervous, just do it! Walk confidently into the room like Zorro himself and you’ll attract the kind of woman who thinks you look cool. At which point, you’ve got a connection with someone who likes what you like, and, more importantly, likes you! Of course, we all want to attract women but you can’t attract them all, so attract the right ones by being yourself confidently with whatever facial hair is best for you.

What Do You Want?

Ahh, so the real question emerges. What do you want? Well, you want to attract the right woman.What is the right woman? The one that likes what you like!

Therefore the question to ask yourself is NOT “Do women prefer beards?” , but is “Do I want a beard?” If you’re craving to have a big bushy beard at the ready for stroking, then do you really want a woman in your life that hates it? Be who you truly want to be. If you live your life with the goal of trying to attract women by superficially sculpting your personality and image to appeal to the widest common denominator then you’ll only attract those that like your presentation. Being your genuine self might attract a more niche audience of women, but they will be those that like you for you.

Confidence is the thing that attracts women more than anything. No matter what kind of facial hair you end up going with, hold up your face with pride. If you put time and effort into your face then you should know well that you’re a handsome hard-working king that deserves respect and love. If you learn to love your face and treat it properly, the right women will love it as well.

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