Are Safety Razors Dangerous ?

Are Safety Razors Dangerous

Are Safety Razors Dangerous?

The short answer is no! In fact, a good double edged safety razor with a quality blade can help reduce the irritation that you might receive with some of the multi-bladed cartridge razors out there. 

How? We have written a couple of articles that answer this question with specifics. You can find those articles and more information below.

In general terms a safety razor is, at minimum, as safe as a cartridge razor. The head of the razor is bent so that, in combination with the user, the blade can be positioned at just the right angle to maximize your shave and minimize your cuts. 

So use that safety razor with an ease of mind!

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We Think One Blade Is Plenty

So what’s so great about single blade shaves? Until the 20th century, men shaved with various versions of straight razors. These were single blades, but maintaining them was time-consuming and dangerous to use. Basically, you were taking a knife to your face, and that’s about as safe as it sounds. With the invention of the safety razor (our specialty here at The Wet Shaving Club) in the early 1900s, you got a single blade that was safe to use that didn’t require sharpening. 

A safety razor is going to give you a close shave. That one blade is there to do only one thing – cut hair. No pulling or tugging like you get with some of the cartridges out there, the safety razor gets right to business. When placed against the skin at thirty degrees, the blade is at the optimal angle to slice right through the hair. Because there’s only one, you’re only going to get a fraction of the potential irritation that you could get with a multi-bladed cartridge. 

The article above is an opinion piece. The Wet Shaving Club nor its guest authors are making claims backed by studies. We are expressing our opinions based on experience with using the greatness that is the safety razor!

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