are safety razors dangerous

Are Safety Razors Dangerous ?

are safety razors dangerous

Are Safety Razors Dangerous ?

Are Safety Razors Dangerous?

The short answer is no! In fact, a good double edged safety razor with a quality blade causes much less irritation than your typical cartridge razor. 

Why? We have written a couple of articles that answer this question with specifics. 

We recommend you start with this one. SAFETY RAZOR VS CARTRIDGE RAZOR

In general terms a safety razor is, at minimum, as safe as a cartridge razor. The head of the razor is bent so that, in combination with the user, the blade can be positioned at just the right angle to maximize your shave and minimize your cuts. 

So use that safety razor with an ease of mind!

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A person who shaves daily will use approximately 8 safety razor blades per month.  8 X 12 = 96 safety razor blades.

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