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All Girl Shave Club vs. Wet Shaving Club

This edition of our Best Shave Club Series we take a look at the All Girl Shave Club vs. The Wet Shaving Club.

Although some might forget, shaving is not just for men. In fact, for women who shave the entire experience can take a lot more time and effort than a man’s morning routine. On top of that, women are often subjected to the “Pink Tax”, where products that are marketed to women are sold for a higher price than similar products sold to men. Not okay.

Although the early shave clubs were geared towards men, it wasn’t long before clubs catering to women appeared. One of them was All Girl Shave Club. It was started in 2016 by a busy mom who wanted to make shaving less of a chore for women. The question is, did they succeed? 

Despite double edge safety razors being mostly associated with men, they are more than capable of handling the shaving needs of women. In fact, many women are discovering that classic razors can give them a closer shave, with less irritation for less money. Here at Wet Shaving Club, we’re happy to sell our products to anyone, and definitely won’t charge you more because of your gender.

So when comparing All Girl Shave Club vs. Wet Shaving Club, who should women go with? Who will give them the best shave experience at the best price? Let’s find out. As always, we’re going to focus on the core offerings of each club – the razor and blades.

Getting Started

All Girl Shave Club say they want to make shaving less of a chore for women. But do they? In terms of getting set up with their least expensive razor, not so much.

Their homepage seems to funnel you into their “Her First Shave” kit, which includes their least expensive razor, four blades and an assortment of trial size shave products. They appear to want to get you invested in buying more than blades in the future. We can’t blame them for trying, but from a customer standpoint we prefer not to be upsold.

Their store was also not very intuitive to navigate. With all the different handles/starter kits available, it takes a bit of sleuthing to figure out that certain handles only go with certain blades. We also noticed that their “Starter Kit” on the store page has their most expensive razor and tries to upsell you on other products.

Their least expensive razor handle required some scrolling to find, and seemed to disappear when you clicked on “Shaving Products”.  None of their handles gave you the option of adding blades directly, you need to go to a separate page. We also found it very curious that you could only get a blade subscription for their most expensive blades…

Although not as bad as some other shave clubs, getting away with just their least expensive razor and blades turned out to be kind of a chore. At Wet Shaving Club, all our razors are in one place and come with blades. No fuss, no muss, no intrusive upselling.

When it comes to getting started with All Girl Shave Club vs. Wet Shaving Club, it’s way easier with us – no chores necessary.

So How About the Razor and Shave?

safety razor for women before bikini line
safety razor for women before bikini line

All Girl Shave Club has two razor options – their plastic Bella razor and their metal Rose Gold handle. Both take cartridges, but each uses their own unique kind. This means that buying one handle locks you into one variation of their proprietary blades.

A big reason we’re not fans of cartridge razors is that they force you to use only one company’s razor and blades. All Girl Shave Club locks you into a shaving system within their shaving system. It’s pretty meta, and not in a good way.

We’re also not a fan of the shave you get with cartridge razors. The multiples blades can cause greater irritation when shaving due to more sharp surfaces making contact with your skin. This can result in razor bumps and ingrown hairs.

They can also be less hygienic than double edge safety razors, since the tightly-packed blades are more prone to trapping hair and grime. You definitely don’t want that near any part of your body you’re trying to keep smooth…

Classic safety razors, on the other hand, only use one blade edge at a time when shaving. This means that there are fewer sharp surfaces moving across your skin, which is less likely to irritate it or cause ingrown hairs. Smooth skin shouldn’t come with complications. Plus, safety razors are easy to clean, meaning you get the most hygienic shave possible.

Oh, and safety razors are standardized, meaning you’re free to find the best blades at the best price. As a company based in America, we’re big on freedom.

When it comes to shaving with All Girl Shave Club vs. Wet Shaving Club, you’re easily going to get the best shave with us. And we have a great women’s safety razor kit!

Who’s Better for the Environment?

We’ve never seen Captain Planet shave, but we’re pretty sure that he uses a double edge safety razor. That’s because most classic razors are all-metal, as are their blades. This means that when you’re done with either, recycling them is a breeze. Honestly, the only thing easier than recycling safety razor blades is shaving with them.

Cartridge razors are a different story. Many, like All Girl Shave Club’s Bella razor, are made with plastic. Even if you choose their metal handle, the blade cartridges are an unfortunately difficult-to-recycle mixture of metal and plastic.

Although plastic and metal are both technically recyclable, many local facilities don’t have the ability to separate them when it comes to cartridges. That means that most end up in the landfill. Even if you were able to separate the metal, around 91% of plastic doesn’t get recycled. It’s just better to not use it in the first place.

When it comes to staying green with All Girl Shave Club vs. Wet Shaving Club, Mother Earth will thank you for going with us.

How Nice is the Price?

Shaving can be expensive. With the Pink Tax, it can be even more expensive for women. One of the big reasons that shave clubs became a thing was to supposedly save shavers money compared to traditional razor companies. But are they the best deal out there?

Let’s take look at the price of two years of shaving with All Girl Shave Club vs. Wet Shaving Club. For the sake of consistency, we’re going to assume that you’re going through about a blade a week.

First, we’ll break down the price of shaving with All Girl Shave Club using their least expensive razor and cartridge blades.

One Year – $97

Two Years – $187

These calculations are correct at the time of writing, and assumes you’re buying the largest quantity available to bring the cost per cartridge down.

How about Wet Shaving Club? Wet Shaving Club’s ‘Merica Razor will cost you $69.99. That is right, a 100% Stainless Steel Razor made right here in the USA will cost you only $70. How much are blades? You can buy them anywhere for as low a 10 cents per blade! Bye-bye, Pink Tax. You won’t be missed…

There’s no comparison – we’re less expensive.


When it comes to shaving with All Girl Shave Club vs. Wet Shaving Club, the clear winner is us. We’re easier to get started with, give a superior shave and offer a way better price. Better luck next time, All Girl Shave Club.

Whether you’re a woman or a man, a great shave is just a click away at our store. See you there!

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“they’re also capable of providing a cleaner shave with less irritation. Rather than paying a monthly fee for your subscription, Wet Shave Club’s One Year Safety Razor deal starts at $18 annually — broken down, that comes to just $1.50/month.”


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