A Chance Idea

The Wet Shaving Club is an idea that was born on accident.

We stumbled upon safety razors while looking for product offerings with another business of ours. We were trying to source cartridge razors to give away for FREE with another product.

During that search, two things happened. 


How To Shave With A Safety Razor

Thing #1 - We Discovered The Beauty Of The Single Blade

5 blades is not always better

While trying to source a cartridge razor, we stumbled upon a safety razor. 

Our initial thought was that there was no way this one bladed razor could work. We had bought into the big razor companies’ marketing shtick.

But we ordered a couple of safety razors and we tried them. Lo and behold, the safety razor not only worked, but it worked brilliantly. Our face was baby butt smooth with little to no irritation. 

It turns out more blades does not always mean better performance.


Thing #2 - We Realized Cartridge Razors Were A Ripoff

Yes, things in the cartridge razor world have improved since the Dollar Shave Clubs and Harrys of the world came on the scene. We are no longer stuck with what seemed like the only two options we had to choose from for decades.

However, we believe cartridge razors are still a ripoff. Especially after using a safety razor. 

To see how you can save by using a safety razor. CLICK HERE

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Why Are You Still Buying
Cartridge Razors?

Wet Shaving Club™ FAQ

No gimmicks. 

We don’t have a video of our owner cussing about how good our razors are (however our razors are awesome) followed by a cool walk through a warehouse.

We are not promising you a monthly shave for $1 and then delivering it for $3 per month.

What do we do?

We sell packages that give our customers a premium safety razor with enough blades (105) to allow them to shave for a full year. 

We will do that math for you. $24.00 (free shipping) divided by 12 months = $2.00 per month.

That’s right. Cheaper than the shave clubs that claimed to you could shave for $1 per month. 

Free shipping ships via USPS First Class mail in most cases. Which will take 3-5 business days depending on your location. 

You can expedite to 2-3 Day Shipping for $5.

In short, we have no doubt you will enjoy a wet shave with a safety razor infinitely more than your shave with a cartridge razor. 

However, we have much more detail for you here.  CLICK HERE

You can email us at man@wetshavingclub.com 

Or you can go to our Contact Us Page – CLICK HERE

We are happy to help. 

Of course. But then, you are missing out on the Wet Shave experience. 

We recommend you get a shave brush, some shave soap, and some aftershave to really complete the experience. 

For those with sensitive skin, we recommend adding shave oil. 

Of course, we sell those things. CLICK HERE. 

But, there are plenty of great small businesses like ours that also sell them. 

There are hundreds, if not thousands of safety razor options out there. We have picked 6 of our favorites. We like to keep things simple. 

We have the same philosophy on the accessories we carry. We might expand later, but why? We know you will like the products we do carry. 

By the way, our Made In The USA razor is made by an artisan out of Michigan. It is our favorite razor! You will not find that razor on any of our competitors’ websites. 

There used to be. But they are no longer in business. 

We have an opinion on why. 

Click Here for that opinion

Our Wet Shave Club is nothing like the old one however. We have no monthly fees, and we require no subscriptions. We just give great deals!

Generally, we do not accept returns. However, if you are not happy with your product, we will make it right. 

Contact Us Here — CLICK HERE

See our Terms and Conditions page here. CLICK HERE


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