8 Safety Razor Myths - We Obliterate All The Safety Razor Misconceptions
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8 Safety Razor Myths


So you’re thinking about switching from a cartridge razor to a safety razor. Kudos, all great decisions start with a bit of thinking. But perhaps there’s something holding you back from taking the leap. A lifetime of commercials from Big Razor has you believing that you need all those fancy handles and multiple blades to get the perfect shave. The classic safety razor seems shrouded in mystery, and you’ve probably bought into several safety razor myths. Well, like a certain Discovery Channel show, we’re going to go right ahead and bust those myths for you.

1. More Blades = Closer Shave

how many blades does your razor need

How could only one blade give you a close shave? Surely you need more! After all, you need more than one blade on an axe, a scalpel, and a steak knife, right?

Let’s end this safety razor myth for good. It’s not about the number of blades – it’s about the angle. One safety razor at the correct angle is going to give you a shave so smooth your face will be a slipping hazard. Those multiple cartridge razors make contact with your skin at different angles, meaning they’re not all cutting hair at the one that actually gives you a smooth shave. All this does is cause irritation, and there’s nothing smooth about razor bumps.

2. Shaving With A Safety Razor Takes Too Long

Clean face, apply shaving soap/cream, shave, rinse, apply aftershave. Are we talking about cartridge shaving or shaving with a safety razor? Exactly. It’s basically the same process, except the safety razor is going to give you way less irritation. For those who are new to shaving with a safety razor, there is a slight learning curve that might slow you down a little at first (check out our article on how to shave with a safety razor). However, with a little practice, you’ll be a safety razor pro in no time, and you’ll see very little change to your morning routine time-wise. Don’t let this safety razor myth hold you back!

3. Safety Razors Are More Expensive

We’ve already busted this safety razor myth in a previous article, but it’s so common that it definitely bears revisting. Shaving with a safety razor, especially from the Wet Shaving Club, is blade-for-blade, year-over-year, indisputably the cheapest option.

Big Razor and other shave clubs will entice you in with inexpensive handles, only to gouge you with their per-blade prices. Over a 5-year period, you will spend hundreds of dollars on their proprietary blades. If you get our lowest-price starter set, you spend $18 for a year of shaving. After that, it’s only $10 a year for blades, meaning after 5 years you won’t even have hit $100. If you treat yourself to one of our higher end safety razors, you still won’t spend that much in the same time period. Getting yourself a safety razor is one of the biggest favors you could do your wallet.

4. It Is Easier To Cut Myself With A Safety Razor

Anyone who’s shaved with a cartridge razor knows that they’re not foolproof when it comes to safety. A loss of focus or slip of the hand can cause you to stroke sideways, leaving a cut on your cheek (we’re not here to judge, we’ve all been there). The plastic around the blades of a cartridge razor and the lubrication strips give the illusion that they’re somehow safer. This illusion helps perpetuate this safety razor myth. But like we’ve said before, safety razors are at least as safe as cartridge ones. Used correctly, safety razors will give you a close, nick-free shave every time. It’s almost like they’re called safety razors for a reason…

5. Safety Razors Are Less Hygienic

Go look at your cartridge razor. Take your time, we’ll wait. DISGUSTING. No matter how thoroughly you clean it, you’ll still find pieces of stubble and gunky buildup in cartridge razors. That’s because the overly complicated designs of these blades creates spaces for these things to get trapped in. This means that your skin is coming into contact with the unhygienic leftovers of your last shave. Couple that with the multiple blades and you’re basically asking for skin irritation. The simple, one-blade design of safety razors means easy cleaning and nothing left behind. Ask any safety razor aficionado, and they’ll tell you that when they open theirs they only find one thing – the blade.

6. Safety Razors Are Just For Men

If you look at our website, it’s pretty clear that men are our primary customers. However, that doesn’t mean that women can’t benefit from using a safety razor as well. Pretty much any body part that can be shaved with a cartridge razor can be shaved with a safety razor. You’ll have silky-smooth skin with less irritation. However, that’s not the only reason for women to switch. Remember how we said earlier that shaving with a safety razor is cheaper? Well, that goes even more so for women. On average, women’s razors cost 11% more than men’s in what’s known as the “pink tax”. Not cool. This is a safety razor myth that Big Razor definitely doesn’t want busted. Ladies, we would be more than happy to help you right this wrong. Check out our safety razor for women!

7. Safety Razors Are Old and Outdated

“There’s no school like the old school”, as the saying goes. Safety razors, like a good scotch and a tailored suit, are classic. And classic never goes out of style. Men were shaving with safety razors for over 70 years before cartridges came onto the scene. Despite the popularity of cartridges, men are making their way back to safety razors for the same reasons we started our company – they want a close shave, less irritation and to not pay an arm and a leg for blades. To quote another classic saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

8. I Can’t Dispose of Safety Razor Blades Safely

The fact that you’re thinking about the safety of those who recycle your blades shows you’re a true gentleman (that’s right, safety razor blades are recyclable). Loose razor blades have the potential to cut those working in waste management. Luckily, many safety razor blades are sold in dispensers with a slot for used blades. This means that come recycling time, they’re all together in a neat little package. For other razor blades, you can get yourself a razor blade bank. They’re kind of like a piggy bank, except for razor blades. Insert your used blades, and when it’s full you put it in the recycling. No fuss, no muss, and the people who handle the blades will thank you.


There you have it, 8 safety razor myths well and truly busted. There’s nothing to fear except having more money in your wallet and an upgraded shaving experience (seriously, go look at your cartridge razor again – you deserve better). Head on over to our store and start your Wet Shaving Club journey today!

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