Our premium adjustable safety razor and 5 blades included in our The $34.99 One Year Wet Shaving Club™ Package

One Year Of Shaving

$ 34
One Time Purchase
  • Adjustable Safety Razor
  • 1 Year Supply of Blades
  • All Supplies In One Box
  • Shipped For Free!

If I Pay $34.99 For One Year Of Shaving...

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That is Only $2.92 Per Month*!

Cheaper Than "The Shave For $1 Place?"

What Is A One Year Supply Of Shaving?

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One Year Supply = 1 Safety Razor & 105 Razor Blades

105 Razor Blades = A 1 Year Supply
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What Do I Really Pay?

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You pay $34.99 + Tax

Shipping Is Free
No Subscription
No Monthly Fees
No Hidden Charges

Which Safety Razor Do I Get?

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This Sweet Adjustable Safety Razor

What Is A One Year Supply Of Blades?

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105 Safety Razor Blades = A One Year Supply

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More Details On The $34.99 Safety Razor Package

Why is it called the $34.99 Wet Shaving Club™ Package?

Because thanks To The Wet Shaving Club™ , for a one time purchase of $34.99 you get 1 Year Of Shaving! What does that mean?

  • You get a premium adjustable safety razor
  • You get 105 Safety Razor Blades. A 1 Year Supply. 1 Year Supply? CLICK HERE
  • You pay a one time fee of only $34.99
  • Shipping is free!
  • Therefore you pay $34.99 for 12 months of wet shaving
  • $34.99 divided by 12 months = $2.92 Per month*. What a deal!

How do we figure that 105 safety razor blades is enough for 1 year of wet shaving?

A person who shaves daily will use approximately 8 safety razor blades per month.  8 X 12 = 96 safety razor blades.

With the $34.99 Wet Shaving Club™ Package you get 105 safety razor blades!

How does our safety razor package compare to the rest?

  1. Our safety razor package gets you one year of shaving with no monthly fees and no subscriptions.  You get everything you need in one shipment that ships for free!
  2. Compare that to “The Shave For $1 Place”. Their cheapest package is $4 per month. That is $48.00 per year. Click Here For Details

*What do we mean by saying we have a $2.92 Per Month Safety Razor Deal? You are making a one time $34.99 purchase. Shipping is free. Our $34.99 number does not include any applicable taxes. You are getting a one year supply of safety razor blades and a safety razor. Therefore you are paying $34.99 for one year of shaving. $34.99 divided by 12 months = $2.92 per month. You are not paying $2.92 per month. We do not have any monthly fees. 

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$12 For One Year Of Shaving

No monthly fees
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  • Premium Safety Razor
  • 1 Year Supply Of Blades

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