Our Vintage Safety Razor included in our $24.00 Wet Shaving Club Package™ - The Wet Shave Club

One Year Of Shaving

$ 24
One Time Purchase
  • 1 Premium Safety Razor
  • 1 Year Supply of Blades
  • All Supplies In One Box
  • Shipped For Free!

More Details On The $24 Safety Razor Package


Why is it called the $24.00 Wet Shaving Club™ Package?

Because thanks To The Wet Shaving Club™ , for a one time purchase of $24.00 you get 1 Year Of Shaving! What does that mean?

  • You get a premium vintage styled safety razor.
  • You get 105 Safety Razor Blades. A 1 Year Supply. 1 Year Supply? CLICK HERE
  • You pay a one time fee of only $24.00
  • Shipping is free!
  • Therefore you pay $24.00 for 12 months of wet shaving
  • $24.00 divided by 12 months = $2.00 Per month*. What a deal!

How do we figure that 105 safety razor blades is enough for 1 year of wet shaving?

A person who shaves daily will use approximately 8 safety razor blades per month.  8 X 12 = 96 safety razor blades.

With the $24.00 Wet Shaving Club™ Package you get 105 safety razor blades!

How does our safety razor package compare to the rest?

  1. Our safety razor package gets you one year of shaving with no monthly fees and no subscriptions.  You get everything you need in one shipment that ships for free!
  2. Compare that to “The Shave For $1 Place”. Their cheapest package is $4 per month. That is $48.00 per year. Click Here For Details
$2 Shave Club

Details On The Above Graphic

10/29/2019 – UPDATE – The first time we published this example we made a couple of errors in our methodology, which led to The Dollar Shave Club’s annual cost to the customer to look higher than Gillette and Harry’s. More on this update below. Additionally, we had a typo in our graphic that showed them at a $90 annual cost. This was incorrect. For that example the the actual cost was $80.  

UPDATE 2: Furthermore, we tried to use the razor offerings from each cartridge razor company that was as close as possible to each other’s razor. This is not as easy as it may seem.  So below we have started over. We have selected the cheapest offerings (that we have found) for each of the cartridge razor competitors as of 10/28/2019 or 11/5/2019 (depending on the company).


Annual Cost Details – One Year Shave Equivalents For Each Competitor. 

For the examples below, we went to each competitor’s website and acted like we wanted to start a subscription. We then used their recommendation (if it was clear) for the frequency of shipments for their cartridge razor heads. Again, we chose the cheapest offering for each, so the number of blades on each competitor’s cartridge is not necessarily the same. We will explain more in the examples. 


The Wet Shaving Club Details  –  For our chrome plated safety razor handle and a one year supply of safety razor blades, you pay a one time fee of only $24. No subscriptions, no monthly fees. Click Here to see how we determine what constitutes a one year supply of safety razor blades. That means our everyday price is only $2 per month to shave.  


Gillette – As of 11/5/2019 Gillette’s cheapest options are the Mach3 and The G5. Both are $18 every 3 months for 8 cartridge heads. For this example, we chose the G5. The G5 has 5 blades in its cartridge head. We chose the frequency of cartridge delivery based on Gillette’s recommendation for someone that shaves 3-4 times per week. It gets a little cloudy after that. If you pick the options that shows that you shave 3-4 times per week, the next screen shows you that you are recommended shipments every 3 months, but it defaults to 4 cartridge heads. It was hard for us to believe that you only need 4 cartridge heads every 3 months, so we chose the option to receive 8 cartridge heads every 3 months. As of today (11/5/2019)The G5 costs $18 to ship 8 cartridge heads every 3 months, and your fourth shipment is free. That is a total 32 cartridge heads in a year, if you include the initial purchase of 8 cartridge heads with the handle. This also assumes you sign up for the subscription service.  Therefore the G5 Gillette subscription as described above would cost you $54 for the year. $18 for the original purchase of 8 cartridge heads and the handle, plus two more shipments of 8 cartridge heads at $18 each, plus the last shipment which would be free. $18 x 3 billings = $54 per year or $1.68 per cartridge head. If you chose the 4 cartridge heads every 3 months option, you would get a total of 16 cartridge heads for $30 for the year or $1.87 per cartridge head.


Harry’s – As of 10/28/2019 the cheapest option at Harry’s is the Winston handle. That costs you $9, and comes with one cartridge head. Harry’s cartridge head comes with 5 blades. As you can see in our supporting screenshots below, 8 cartridge heads every 3 months is what Harry’s recommends if you shave 2-4 times per week. As of today (10/28/2019) it would cost you $15 to ship 8 cartridge heads every 3 months. That is 32 cartridge heads for $60 per year. So with your initial purchase of $9, plus the $60 for the additional 32 cartridge heads, you would pay $69 in a year for 33 cartridge heads and their handle. This assumes you sign up for the subscription service.This would bring your total to $69 for the year or $2.09 per cartridge head.


 Dollar Shave Club – As of 10/28/2019 the cheapest option at The Dollar Shave Club is The Humble Twin. It has 2 blades in the cartridge head. It costs $4 per month and you get 5 cartridge heads shipped to you every month. From what we can tell, The Dollar Shave Club defaults you into a monthly subscription. You can pause the subscription, and you can go into your account and change the frequency from monthly into less frequent intervals. For this example, we will stay with their default option of 5 cartridge heads monthly. So for $4 per month you get 60 two bladed cartridge heads for $48 per year (12 months x $4) or 80 cents per cartridge head.



¹ To see how we calculate one year of shaving with a safety razor CLICK HERE



Gillette's Frequency Guide

As of 10/28/2019

harry's frequency guide

  Harry's Frequency Guide

As of 10/28/2019

Legal Stuff.

The Wet Shaving Club is not affiliated in any way with Schick, Gillette, Harry’s, or The Dollar Shave Club. We consider them our competition. The above article was written based publicly available data of the offerings from each of our competitors compared to our offering as of 10/28/2019. 

Schick is a registered trademark owned by Edgewell

Gillette is a registered trademark owned by Procter & Gamble or P&G™

The Dollar Shave Club is a registered trademark owned by Unilever

*What do we mean by saying we have a $2 Per Month Safety Razor Deal? You are making a one time $24 purchase. Shipping is free. Our $24 number does not include any applicable taxes. You are getting a one year supply of safety razor blades and a safety razor. Therefore you are paying $24 for one year of shaving. $24 divided by 12 months = $2 per month. You are not paying $2 per month. We do not have any monthly fees. 

10/29/2019 – UPDATE – We made a mistake the first time we published this annual comparison. We were not specific enough in some of our language and we mistakenly listed the Dollar Shave Club’s price in our picture at $90 per year, when our verbiage said $80 per year. $80 was the correct number based on our example. Additionally, we compared The Dollar Shave club at a price that assumed they would ship you 32 cartridge heads per year vs Gillette’s offering where we assumed they would ship you 16 cartridge heads per year. While we used the Gillette website to calculate their annual cartrdge head offer, a fairer comparison would be to calculate the cost of each competitor based on the number of cartridge heads you are getting. Furthermore, when calculating the cost of 32 cartridge heads from Harry’s Razors, we made an error and did not include the cost of their handle as well.  We have corrected our typo in our graphic, and we have republished our example to ensure that we got as close to an apples to apples comparison as possible among the cartridge razor competitors.

FAQ Section

One Year Supply = 1 Safety Razor & 105 Razor Blades

105 Razor Blades = A One Year Supply 

CLICK HERE For More Details


– You Get A Year Supply Of Shaving In One Box

– No Monthly Fees or Subscriptions 

-You Get A Premium Safety Razor 

– You Pay 50% Of What “The Dollar Shave Club” charges for its entry level razor annually. 

Yes. We ship everything free domestically. We charge extra for shipping to Canada. We do not ship outside of the United States.

No gimmicks. 

We don’t have a video of our owner cussing about how good our razors are (however our razors are awesome) followed by a cool walk-through of a warehouse.

We are not promising you a monthly shave for $1 and then delivering it for $3 per month.

What do we do?

The Wet Shaving Club sells packages that give our customers a premium safety razor with enough blades (105) to allow them to shave for a full year. 

We will do that math for you. $24.00 (free shipping) divided by 12 months = $2.00 per month.

That’s right. Cheaper than the shave clubs that claimed you could shave for $1 per month. 

In short, we have no doubt you will enjoy a wet shave with a safety razor infinitely more than your shave with a cartridge razor. 

However, we have many more details for you here.  CLICK HERE

Perhaps, but you would be missing out on the FULL Wet Shave experience. 

We recommend you get a shave brush,  shave soap, and some aftershave to really complete the experience. 

For those with sensitive skin, we recommend adding shave oil. 

Of course, we sell those things. CLICK HERE. 

But, there are plenty of great small businesses like ours that also sell them. 

Yes. A safety razor is cheaper to use. Especially in the long run. We have a great article highlighting this. CLICK HERE

We believe you will find that shaving with a safety razor is better than shaving with a cartridge razor. 

Why? A safety razor has one blade. Therefore a safety razor will cause less skin irritation, reduce the likelihood of razor bumps, and leave you with fewer ingrown hairs. If you couple your safety razor with a good shave soap, some pre-shave oil, and a nice aftershave, then your shaving experience will be all the more enjoyable. 

CLICK HERE for a more thorough comparison between a safety razor and a cartridge razor. 

While many places sell safety razor starter kits, we do not think you will find a better deal than the starter kit at The Wet Shaving Club.  CLICK HERE for details

Free shipping via USPS First Class mail in most cases, which will take 3-5 business days depending on your location. 

Receive your shipment in 2-3 days by expediting for an additional $5.

You can email us at man@wetshavingclub.com 

Or you can go to our Contact Us Page – CLICK HERE

We are happy to help. 

There used to be. But they are no longer in business. 

We have an opinion on why. 

Click Here for that opinion

Our Wet Shave Club is nothing like the old one. We have no monthly fees, and we require no subscriptions. We just give great deals!

Generally, we do not accept returns. However, if you are not happy with your product, we will make it right. 

Contact Us Here — CLICK HERE

See our Terms and Conditions page here. CLICK HERE

Let us answer your question, with a question

How many blades do the professional barbers using when shaving their customers? ONE!

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