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Shave Club Savings

The Wet Shaving Club deals allow shaving with a safety razor to cost a fraction of what you pay at even the cheapest cartridge razor clubs.

safety razors are eco friendly

Safety Razor = No Plastic

The Wet Shaving Club razors are zero plastic razors and 100% steel blades. This means less landfill waste and the ability to recycle your metal blades.

smooth shave

Less Irritation

With the Wet Shaving Club safety razors you get a smooth shave with one blade running across your skin instead of five or six blades . 

One Year Safety Razor Shave Club Deals - No Subscriptions

Retro Safety Razor

Chrome plated vintage safety razor. 

Shave in style starting at $18 for one year of shaving.

No subscriptions. No monthly fees. 

The Triple S Razor

A 100% Stainless Steel Razor. Get your SSS done every morning. 

This stainless steel razor plus a one year supply of blades starts at $40.

No subscriptions. No monthly fees. 

Made In The USA Safety Razor

Machined by a family owned business right here in the USA. 

The last razor you will need to buy plus a one year’s supply of blades

No subscriptions. No monthly fees. 

The Triple S Razor

A 100% Stainless Steel Razor. Get your SSS done every morning. 

This stainless steel razor plus a one year supply of blades starts at $40.

No subscriptions. No monthly fees. 

Wet Shaving Club Frequently Asked Questions:

What makes The Wet Shaving Club Different?

  • You get a metal safety razor. Not a plastic razor
  • One year of shaving starting at $18.
  • No Monthly Fees
  • No Subscriptions
  • Free Domestic Shipping On All Products

How are you a Shave Club if you do not have any monthly fees?

One of the best things about a safety razor is that the blades do not take up much space. Therefore keeping a year’s worth of blades won’t take up too much room in your bathroom drawer.

It is true that from a business standpoint, it would be better for us to have you paying monthly so that we have you “locked” into our company. However, that would increase your cost because we would be shipping multiple times instead of one time.

Therefore we have no monthly fees or subscriptions on our razors.

HOWEVER, we do have two awesome wet shave packages that you can sign up for. They come quarterly. See them HERE.

Where do you source your products?

We source our products from all over the world. More importantly we are transparent with our sourcing.  In fact, we have created the Human Liberty Index (HLI) to bring focus to countries where our products, and our competitors products are made. 

To learn more about the HLI CLICK HERE

What Happened To The Old Wet Shave Club

The old Wet Shave Club is not longer in business. We have our opinion on why, which you can see HERE. But that is less important that understanding what the difference is between the old Wet Shave Club, and our wet shave club.

The old Wet Shave Club would send you a box monthly. Usually that box would consist of samples of different kinds of wet shaving products.

The our shave club is focused on offering you a truly great shave without monthly fees and without subscriptions. Check out our One Year Shave Deals for more info on that.

We also have our Quarterly Shave Club Deals. This offers you something similar to the old Wet Shave Club. However, because the products last so long, it is sent quarterly and not monthly.

Is this a men’s shave club or do safety razors work for women?

Men have been using safety razors for decades. However, women are starting to see the benefits as well. 

  • A smooth shave with less irritation
  • All metal handle with steel blades. No plastic. This is an eco-friendly product
  • A more cost effective way to shave
  • No patronizing “girly colors”

Where can I learn about wet shaving?

If you are new to wet shaving you probably have lots of questions. We can answer some of them, but not all. So below is a list of great wet shaving resources for you.

Is a safety razor better than a cartridge razor?

In short, we have no doubt you will enjoy a wet shave with a safety razor infinitely more than your shave with a cartridge razor.

However, we have many more details for you here.  CLICK HERE

Why is a safety razor called a safety razor?

the first step towards a safer-to-use razor was the guard razor – also called a straight safety razor – which added a protective guard to a regular straight razor. The invention was inspired by the joiner’s plane and was essentially a straight razor with its blade surrounded by a wooden sleeve

Source: https://en.m.wikipedia.org › wiki › Safety_razor

What is the best safety razor for a beginner?

There are plenty of great choices when it comes to your first safety razor.  That being said, we recommend you start with our One Year Safety Razor Package.  You get a premium razor handle and a one year supply of blades!

How often do you have to change your safety razor blades?

The number of times you have to change your blade varies by the coarseness of your stubble and the number of times you shave per week. Check out our comprehensive article right here. CLICK HERE

You have found our One Year Of Shaving Safety Razor Deals.

We hope you will take the time to check out our great deals!

Start with our One Year Safety Razor Packages

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